5 Tips for a More Functional Dining Room

When you have a family at home or when you enjoy having guests around to socialise with, a functional dining room is going to make all the difference. A dining room is important in so many ways: it offers the best place for family meals, for dinner parties, a place to simply sit and chat or even a good table space to sit and take part in a pastime or even do some work from home. A dining room is a room of many talents, so it’s important to make it as functional as possible.

Here are five ideas to help you along the way. 

1. Use Proper Lighting 

Natural light is ideal, the more of it, the better, but you also need to think about those late-night dinner parties or when it becomes darker a lot earlier. For late afternoons or evenings, you still need to ensure you have adequate light to enjoy your space. Think about lighting placed directly over the table, or even mood lighting you can alter for brightness or colour to create any atmosphere you need, whenever you need it.

2. Choose Your Chairs Wisely 

Suppose you’re going to be using your dining room and table for more than just eating. In that case, you need to consider comfortable chairs with back support especially if your dining table is going to double as a work desk or an area you’re going to be sitting for long hours. So make sure to invest in quality chairs with high backs, lumbar support and even arms for that extra support. 

3. Think About Multi-Purpose Furniture 

If you have a very small space or if you’re looking to take advantage of the furniture items you do have, then multi-purpose is key. Think about everything you need in your dining room, and how you can get the best furniture suited for every purpose. Cupboards and shelves are going to be a big storage help, so you could think about seats which have storage built-in under the lid, too. 

You can even get Pool Tables which double as dining tables, so that you can have your room double as a game room for friends or family, too, without compromising on the table itself. 

4. Add Texture and Layers

Rugs are ideal for dining rooms; they can be placed under your table to add a level of comfort or even a burst of colour. Use soft furnishings to add interesting design features to your chairs or any other furniture. You may even want to consider a comfortable armchair or two away from the table for extra seating or to add another design element. That way you can still spend time in your dining room without sitting directly at the table, too.

5. Divide Up the Room 

As a final idea, if you have a large dining room that you want to fulfil more than one purpose, think about ways you can border off certain parts. You could use furniture, shelving or room dividers to create extra points of interest, like a place for the kids to play in while you’re sat at the table.