Baby Led Weaning 5 Things you Need to Prepare for

Whether you have already decided to embrace baby-led weaning and all the fun that comes with it or you are still undecided about whether or not this way of introducing your baby to food is the right choice for you, it can be a good idea to find out what to expect from this messy, yet memorable method. 

From dealing with the mess to recognising the difference between gagging and choking, keep reading to discover the top five things, you need to prepare for when it comes to baby-led weaning. 

You’re in for a bumpy ride – you have been warned! 

There will be a mess

As you are probably aware, baby-led weaning has many benefits but keeping your home clean is not one of them. That being said, there are ways in which you can minimise the mess without diminishing this exciting experience for your baby. Why not invest in a highchair weaning bib from Bibado? Made from extra-soft and waterproof material, your baby can enjoy feeding themselves in comfort while their clothes (and your floor) remain clean. 

Plus, remember that this time will pass, and soon your toddler will be feeding themselves with ease, so try and enjoy these moments rather than worry about a little (or a lot) of mess. 

Your schedule may go out the window 

If you are used to giving your baby their milk at specific times of the day and with strict intervals in between, you should know that baby-led weaning is a lot more flexible. Typically, when undertaking baby-led weaning, parents tend to simply offer solids at mealtimes and let their baby decide if they fancy eating them or not. 

Although this may be a challenge if you are the type of parent who loves routine, try and go with the flow. Your baby will not go hungry, and some days they may prefer more milk and other days food. 

Gagging will happen 

One of the main concerns that parents have when it comes to baby-led weaning is the worry over choking. Yet, statistics show that your baby is no more likely to choke with baby-led weaning than they are with spoon-feeding. That being said, they will gag and probably a lot. This can be scary the first time they do it, but you should know that this is their body’s way of protecting themselves from choking, and it is a natural part of them learning to swallow solids. 

You may be judged

Although this way of feeding your baby is becoming increasingly popular, there will always be parents, or more likely mums, who will want to tell you that you are making the wrong choice. This does not just happen regarding weaning, but in fact, all decisions that you make as a parent. However, don’t let this put you off feeding your baby how you want to and how you think is best for them. 

Your baby will prefer sweet foods

Some baby-led weaning experts recommend that you start with vegetables rather than fruits as most babies will prefer the taste of sweeter foods, and then you may struggle to get them to try more bitter ingredients. 

There is no need to add sugar, salt, or any artificial sweeteners to your baby’s food as they offer no additional nutritional value and will interfere with the natural taste of food.