How to cost-effectively update your bathroom

Modernising your bathroom can seem an expensive and time-consuming task. Although it’s not quite as major as renovating your kitchen, the prospect of removing endless tiles and re-structuring plumbing can seem daunting. However, there are a few simple alterations you can make which have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of the space. Bathrooms are often small and therefore easier to effectively update at a lower cost. Many companies offer affordable tiles and bathroom materials, such as – changing some bathroom hardware or an easy DIY project can make a huge impact on such a small space. 


There are many simple DIY quick-fixes you can consider as an alternative to renovating the entire space.


Update your grout to create a contemporary colour contrast

You’d be amazed at the difference fresh grout can make to a bathroom, whether that be a fresh plain white of a pop of colour. For a modern and effective update, choose a colour that contrasts with your wall tiles, for example, if you have simple white tiles, then opt for a cool grey and black to add striking contrast. Not only is this a stylish update, but it’s also practical too and a lot easier to keep clean.


Add wallpaper for a bold pop of colour

For a contemporary and cost-effective update, try wallpapering a wall or two. It’s much cheaper than tiling and will add colour and pattern to your space. Click here for bathroom wallpaper inspiration. If you decide to opt for wallpaper in a bathroom, it’s best not to paper wall directly behind the bath or sink area as wall splashes may cause wear and tear. It’s recommended that you seal the wallpaper with a varnish once it’s been applied to the wall.


Tile a new splashback or add a new vinyl floor back for an instant refresh

Adding a new splashback in an eye-catching statement colour will instantly lift the area. Re-tiling a small area is cost-effective and quick to install. Choosing patterned tiles will create extra interest and a beautiful, modern style. You could also consider updating your floor with affordable vinyl tiles. These are simple to fit and can also be laid on top of existing floor tiles if needed.


Quick-fix interior purchases


Updating hardware such as taps, towel and loo-roll holders are easy and cost-effective changes that will breathe new life into your bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, you could hang a new mirror to create the illusion of space and add more light to the room. Modernise your towels for a quick way to add colour and pattern to your bathroom, or add a cluster of plants to refresh your scheme. House plants, such as aloe vera, ivy and orchids are low maintenance as well as helping to clean the air. Although it’s best to do your research first to find out which house plants thrive in a humid environment. Click here for tips on the most suitable house plants for your bathroom. If you’re not so green-fingered, you can always opt for faux plants to create a similar effect.