4 steps to creating your perfect bedroom

Have you been thinking about giving your bedroom a complete overhaul?  It’s easy to give a room a quick makeover, but where do you start when you want to create your perfect bedroom from scratch?  There’s so much to think about from beds to walls, so here’s a handy guide to help you on your way.


  • Layout


When planning your bedroom project, it’s a good idea to sort out those long-standing layout issues.  Before you start thinking about decoration, take a look at how the bedroom space is working for you.  

Three top niggles with bedroom layouts are large old-fashioned built-in units taking over the space, radiators badly sited, and inadequate lighting points.  These can all be fixed.  You can probably remove old built-in units yourself.  However, professionals will be needed for the other items, so you’ll need to price up the cost to move a radiator and put in extra lighting points.


  • Walls and floors


Walls and floors are next on the list.  To give the floor a luxurious and warm feeling, you’ll want to spend a bit more on the carpet.  A quality wool carpet in a calming natural colour is always a good option.

For the walls, you could go for a muted shade of paint, subtly patterned wallpaper or perhaps a combination of the two.  You might want to go for bold prints and colours to put your stamp on the room.  But if you’re trying to create the feeling of a relaxing haven, you should probably stick to gentle shades such as blush pink, pale green, soft peach, light grey, or a cooling pastel blue.


  • Furniture


The most important piece of furniture is going to be the bed.  Divan beds are great for storage, especially if you don’t want too many pieces of furniture in the room.  A wooden bed frame will give a timeless look, and a sleigh bed will provide a sumptuous statement.  Try to visualise the bed in the room and of course measure out the space to check it will fit in.


  • Lighting


Once you’ve decided where you want your lighting located – perhaps a flexible mix of ceiling and wall lights – you’ll need to decide what type of bulbs and shades to go for.

Bulbs now offer a choice of bright white light, natural light, and warm glows, so you can create the right ambience for your bedroom.  Picking suitable light shades will also add to creating the right type of light and atmosphere in your new room.  You’ll want to go for light shades that will complement the décor as well as create that cosy feel.