Why You Need A Dashcam

Dashcams are now very common for all car owners. People now see the reason why they should have this extra security in their car and with it, they can have a witness in case of an accident. If you are yet to get a dashcam installed in your car, here are some reasons why you should not hesitate to get one now.


Prevent Accidents

When you invest in a good quality dashcam, it helps you stay safe while driving. Some dash cams come with alert systems that alert you when you leave your lane. Some dashcams can alert you to quickly avoid colliding with vehicles in front of you.

You also get a notice when you are about to meet a red light with dashcams using location-based GPS. 


Evidence For Protection

One major purpose of having these cameras in your car is to protect you in case of any road accident or incident. The dashcam can be used as evidence to support your claim and resolve any disputes on the road. Some dashcams use GPS technology to access the status of the accident. It can go as far as providing information about the speed of the vehicle, the direction of contact, and how severe the impact was. You can use this information as evidence to claim your insurance and it will help expedite the payment. If the police are accusing of causing the accident, the dashcams serve as proof to vindicate you.


Car Safety

Dashcams will help keep your car safe. Even when the engine is turned off and your car is parked, the cameras can be activated in parking mode.  The dashcams monitor acts as surveillance when you are not around your car.

Also, you can get alerts through the dashcam cloud technology when someone hits your car and even if your car is stolen or moved away from where you parked it without your permission.

Record For Fun

If you are going on a road trip with friends or family, dash cams allow you to document those beautiful moments in the car. You can use the camera to record your journey instead of getting an additional camera. You won’t be burdened to hold the camera in place to capture moments.

The cameras capture those fun moments in the car with your friends and help you savor those memories.  You can adjust the cameras inwards to film yourself and your friends while you mimic your own version of James Corden’s carpool karaoke.


If you are yet to get your dashcam, we suggest you invest in one today to get the most out of your driving experience. Dashcams are affordable and you can even get Dashcams under 100 dollars. They give you added protection while you are on the road and even when away from your car. Some dashcams even have alert systems that will quickly connect to your next of kin in case you are involved in an accident so that they can get in touch with emergency services to help you.

It corroborates your evidence when you are accused of any incident on the road. Dashcams are especially great for Uber riders who may end up with customers falsely accusing them. With the evidence recorded in the camera, you will be free from such accusations.