Is It Financially Smart to Purchase a Condo?

With the continuously rising human population, the world economy is getting worse with every passing day. The demand for more space to live has resulted in an explosive rise in property costs and high rental amounts. As for the solution to this problem, buying a condo is a smart choice as compared to buying a townhouse or renting an apartment.

Here are some key points that can help you understand why buying a condo can be a financially smart choice

Easy access to amenities

Having all the necessities of life at an arm’s length is quite convenient, isn’t it? Just having a place to stay is not enough, to live a fulfilling life one needs facilities like shopping malls, cinemas, clubs, bars, and even arcades for kids. One of the most important benefits of buying a condominium is that most of the condo complexes are built in areas where all these amenities are available to the residents. You can get all the facilities you need for a cheerful life without putting the burden on your budget for buying a townhouse or apartment that is far away from basic amenities.

No need for maintenance of exterior

Unlike a house where you have to take care of your lawn, fencing, and garden yourself, the exterior of a condo is owned by the House Owner Association (HOA) and it is their responsibility to keep all this in good condition. You just need to pay them a little maintenance fee every month. Moreover, even most of the basic facilities like water supply system are also the responsibility of HOA and is covered under maintenance fee. In this way, you can save money by not spending too much for taking care of common areas.


Another advantage that condos provide you over other types of dwellings is high security with low expenses. In case of a house, you have to take care of the security problem yourself and you often need to hire guards, this may cost you a lot. While in the case of a condo the provision of security is the responsibility of the owner of the condo complex. Most of the condo complexes have security cameras installed in them, moreover, since a lot of people live closer to you, calling for help is not difficult.

Pre-construction condos

When it comes to the financial benefits of condos you cannot ignore the importance of pre-construction condos. Buying a pre-construction condo is a better choice than paying huge rental money every month. The reason being its low cost and the privilege to choose your condo architecture and design according to your furnishing taste. That not all, as when the construction work is complete and the area gradually turns into a commercial locality, the value of your condo increases many folds. While looking for pre-construction condos we suggest checking new condos for sale in the Beaches as they reduce the cost of renovating the old condominium and give you the edge of getting brand new home within a tight budget.

Whether you get a mortgage/loan or you have your own money to buy your new home, we suggest choosing condominiums in place of traditional townhouses or apartments based on the above mentioned benefits.