With lockdown easing, here are things you must buy before going back to your normal routine

The past few months seemingly have been, without doubt, one of the strangest periods for most of us. We’ve been confined to our homes with offices and schools closed. All our leisure pursuits have been put on hold, and we’ve even had our exercise time outdoors restricted. At one point, basic essentials in supermarkets were completely sold out, and the roads and public areas were like ghost towns. 

But as strange as it has been, there has been some good which has come out of it. We’ve realised the importance of certain things such as a hug from a friend, quality time spent with loved ones and how valuable technology has been at keeping us not just connected, but sane too! 

With lockdown beginning to ease, we will need to find a new normal in our routine, and before that happens, we have to make sure we have a few essentials to hand to make the transition as untroubled as possible. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  1. Comfortable shoes 

The whole nation seems to have worn lounging clothes for the majority of lockdown, and we’ve realised that comfort is just as important as style. We haven’t been used to rushing around as much so when that starts up again, we need to make sure that we have the right attire. Treat yourself to some stylish new footwear in a designer trainers women’s sale and you’ll look and feel great when you’re out and about. 

  1. Cleaning products

We all knew to wash our hands before this happened, but we’ve since realised just how important cleanliness is. When you’re out more, it will be harder to keep on top of this, so make sure you are well-equipped with hand sanitiser and wipes to carry with you at all times. 

  1. Face covering

This will be mandatory if you go on public transport but might just help stop you from spreading or catching anything while you’re out. There are so many fantastic masks being made you can even make it a part of your outfit too! 

  1. A functional yet stylish bag

With the extra things you need to keep yourself and others safe, you’ll need something to carry them about it so treat yourself to a new bag. Designer ones can be affordable if you look in the right places and they will be built to last too so you’ll get your wear out of them

  1. Smart new clothes 

Whilst comfort has been king, and we will still crave this after lockdown, the chances are you will be going back to places of work and will be seeing people more than you have for a few months. So it might be time to smarten up your act! Work clothes might feel old and shabby after so many months of not wearing them, and they may even be too big or small to wear! Treat yourself to some new stuff and feel good by the time you get out and about again. 

With lockdown easing in what could be weeks, get yourself prepared sooner rather than later!