Fashion Gifts for the Special Mom in Your Life

Moms are all special. They raise us, mold us into the person we become in adulthood, and continue looking out for us until the day they die. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to overlook a mom’s contribution in our life, so if you want to remind your mom how amazing she is, here are some fabulous fashion gifts for the most important woman in your universe. 

A Scarf

Not all fashion gifts have to be expensive to make the right impression. Scarfs are the ultimate accessory. They can dress up a plain garment, add some pizzazz to a winter coat, or be a handy coverup on a windswept day in a convertible car.

Designer scarves from the likes of Hermes are not going to be cheap but are sure to go down well. If your budget won’t stretch that far or your mom is the type of woman who has a more frugal approach to life, look for a unique scarf in a print or design that matches her taste. For example, if your mom’s favorite color is red, look for a scarf with a predominantly red theme. 

Take the fabric into account too. Silk scarves are ideal for any season, but cashmere and wool mix fabrics might be a better gift for fall and winter.

Wrap up your scarf in tissue paper and ribbon. It’s the perfect gift for any season. 

Designer Purse

What woman doesn’t appreciate a designer purse? While you can probably pick up a generic purse from the local mall, a designer bag is an essential accessory for a stylish mom. Designers like Fendi make some really beautiful purses and bags for women. Select a bag that fits your mom’s wardrobe. Choose a color that she can accessorize with her existing clothing collection, preferably something different from the bags she already owns. For a glimpse of the full Fendi bag collection, take a look online at a stockiest such as and find one that suits your mom’s style. 

Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is often viewed as a romantic gift, but it doesn’t need to be. A pretty statement necklace or pendant is a great gift for a tireless mom who always puts the needs of her children first. Look for a style that you know your mom will wear. For example, if she’s a traditional sort of mom, she might not appreciate a modern design, and vice versa. 

You don’t necessarily need to splash out on expensive gold jewelry. A unique piece from a local up-and-coming designer could be perfect. Shop around and visit craft markets or browse listings on Etsy for inspiration. 

A Pair of Driving Gloves

Does your mom love to drive? If so, a pair of leather driving gloves are a great – and useful – gift. Stylish leather driving gloves never go out of fashion and will last for many years. Pick up a pair of kid gloves in soft tan or black. They can be worn with virtually any outfit. 

Put some thought into the right gift for your mom. She deserves to be treated every once in a while!