The Ultimate Flower And Modelling Paste Recipes

Sugar crafting is a skill that needs time to develop and refine, as every cake decorator knows. A perfectly sculpted decoration can really lift a cake from the ordinary to the extraordinary, but sometimes it’s a bit daunting knowing where to start.

Sugar crafting is a skill, and like any other skill it can be improved with practice, which means you’re going to just have to take one for the team and bake more tasty cakes to provide the perfect home for your flower and modelling paste creations. Mix it up and buy chocolate moulds to add another layer to your cake once you’ve mastered the sugar crafting.

With that in mind here are some recipes that use flower and modelling paste to great effect and would be ideal for developing your talents.

  1. Vintage Flower Cake. Making flowers is one of the first challenges the novice sugar crafter undertakes. They’re beautiful and also, once you understand how to make them, an easy subject to tackle. However like many things, the devil is in the details and creating realistic flowers from modelling paste is something that takes a lot of time, patience and skill. A vintage flower cake will let you really get to grips with flower making, with roses and lily of the valley replicas each offering their own unique challenges.

  2. Butterfly Cupcakes. Once you’ve got flowers down pat, it’s time to tackle animals. An ideal stepping stone from flowers to animals is making butterflies. In form, they bear many similarities with flowers and they’re also the kind of decoration that works well on any kind of cake, from birthdays to weddings. At first, you can use butterfly cutters to press out the flower paste and create the butterflies, but as you progress you should try making them freehand for a real challenge.

  3. Street Party Cake. Modelling paste is great for ensuring that larger models retain their rigidity and don’t collapse into a colourful mush under their own weight. In this creative cake, the flower paste is mixed in with coloured ready to roll icing to create the people toppers legs and bodies. This means that they’ll stay standing and won’t buckle out of shape. You can use modelling paste in this way anytime you’re going to create large decorative models.

  4. Dandy Decorations. Because of flower paste’s hard setting properties, it’s the best material for creating clothing themed decorations. It works great for making shoes, from high heels to football boots as it lets you create little details such as laces and buckles that retain their form. It’s also good for making belts or braces on trousers or dresses on sugar paste models.