A Couple Of Days In Oldenburg, Germany

If you have come to read a rather informative post about Oldenburg in Germany than you’ve come to the wrong place, however as this is my travel diary of some kind, I couldn’t not blog about our brief visit there. And it really was a brief taste of what it had to offer but it was one that left us wanting to see more, so Oldenburg – we will be back very soon to visit some more!


Now if you’re looking for a hotel in a fabulous location close enough to walk to the centre we would highly recommend B&B Hotel Oldenburg, we felt welcome from the moment we entered and this friendly service continued throughout our stay. Breakfast was great, I enjoyed my boiled eggs in the morning along with a bowl of fruit. There were cereal options for the kids as well which kept them happy.

Sadly the only photo I took in the hotel is of Charlotte & Dylan settled in for the night in the bunk bed, this is where you can tell that I was unwell during our visit because usually anywhere I go means me coming back with at least two memory cards full of photos.oldenburg hotel beds


It was also just a couple of minutes from the horse market, I am gutted that by the time we had reached it, it had just finished and wasn’t on again until the weekend when we had gone home.

pferdemarkt, oldenburg

Our main reason for heading to Oldenburg was to visit the man’s Grandad who was unwell and in the hospital, so our days were planned around this. Our time was basically just spent time walking around the centre exploring as well as visiting where his Grandad lived. We did enjoy popping into the local supermarkets and grabbing new foods to try, filling ourselves up with currywurst’s and so many other goods. I may have bought myself back a 2L of Germany curry sauce from ALDI which was fun flying back to England with and then onto Ireland.

Our visit was just a couple of days after Christmas so we had missed any Christmas markets but we did get to see the Christmas decorations which were still up and it looks so pretty as dusk fell. 2020 has us wanting to visit Germany again and tick off visiting a Germany Christmas market from our bucket list, so watch this space!