Review of Viking Fire Slot

Developers absolutely love using history to aid them in their pursuit of the perfect theme for their online slot titles. From Ancient Egypt to the swinging 60s, the Roman Empire to the pursuit of El Dorado, it is hard to think of a historical moment or era that hasn’t been immortalised in the form of an online slot. Lightning Box Games continue this motif with Viking Fire, a title that, you guessed it, takes the adventurous Norsemen as its theme. Many people aren’t aware of this, but the Vikings actually got as far as Central Asia, and discovered the North American continent at least a century before Columbus. They are, therefore, perfect cannon fodder for a good old online slot – click to play.

About Viking Fire and its Bonus Features 

As aforementioned, this is a quintessentially Viking themed slot, and everything, down to the symbols and background is exemplary of this. However, in a welcome change to some other titles, like Vikings Go Wild by Yggdrasil, the general aura in Viking Fire is one of light-hearted fun rather than mindless aggression. Anyone who has seen the new Netflix series Norsemen will know exactly what we mean by this. There is an array of characters that you will encounter also, for instance, a ginger warrior with a helmet, a lady wielding a sword, a traditional axe man, and some kind of crystal ball holding mage.


As we have said, the general atmosphere of Viking Fire is one of fun, however this does not mean that you cannot win some serious money on it. For instance, if you are lucky enough to encounter 5 matching fireballs you will receive 2000 coins. And that’s not all; the game will also send you into an exhilarating bonus round where you will use a cannon to sink a ship of your choice. After doing so your prize will be revealed, and it could be huge! 

About Lightning Box Games and Other Slots by Them 

Lightning Box Games are a company with a lot of heritage, having been providing software to various casinos since 2004. They were founded by a group of mathematicians that had several years of experience working for top-end companies such as IGT, and as such began life in a very good position. Online slots are all about maths at the end of the day, so it is an imperative the developers know what they are doing with it, something that Lightning Box Games are more than well acquainted with. Other titles by them include:


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Viking Fire: The Verdict

It is difficult to go wrong with the Viking theme, they are just such an interesting group of historical peoples, however all too often in the online slot world it is their aggressive and bloodthirsty nature that is focussed on, which is why it is a welcome surprise that Lightning Box Games have chosen to emphasis their fun side. This, and the fact that there are several cool bonus features, means that Viking Fire gets a very high score indeed.