Four Unexpected Destinations Every Family Needs to Visit

Family holidays live long in the memory. Theyre a time you can take your children out into the world to expose them to different cultures and views, and to spend the most quality of time together without the everyday stresses of life oppressing your family relations. This article exposes you to four incredible, unique and exciting destinations that every family should consider for next years holiday period.




Four Unexpected Destinations Every Family Needs to Visit

The natural scenes of this fantastic piece of heaven will leave you in a place of wonder. An absolute must for nature lovers, this long country on the coast of the Pacific ocean has a lot to offer. There are outstanding natural sites and quiet, heart-reviving diversity of life, as well as old wonders from the ancient world. You may find wine that youll never forget, and seafood that tastes like no other. These are two of the many fascinating sites in Chile:


  • Patagonia, a natural marvel of lakes, forests, steep mountains and the one and only Torres del Paine national park. You can enjoy horse riding, 4×4 driving, fishing and hard-core trekking here.
  • The coastal city of Valparaiso, with its splendid lights, cliff-top homes and fantastic lights. A different atmosphere than what you come across in most of your trips abroad, making it one of the worlds most beautiful destinations.




Four Unexpected Destinations Every Family Needs to Visit

This Caribbean island is full of magic: a treat to the eyes and the soul. That mood may be just exactly what you were looking for. Have you ever heard Cuban music? Perhaps its time to see them play in the old streets of Havana, or simply to relax on the fantastic beaches with rum and a cigar. If you appreciate vintage style, wait until you see the colourful old cars that line the streets. Better still, in Cuba, you can find an elegant and old place to stay, for a remarkably reasonable price. Out of many things to do, and places to go, here are just two:


  • You can check out Havanas Jazz bars, all-night clubs, and perhaps take dancing lessons to learn the legendary salsa of this part of the world.
  • Santiago de Cuba: A trip for adventurers only, it is quite the trek, but once you get there, youll not regret it.



Four Unexpected Destinations Every Family Needs to Visit

A mystic country thats not a well-trodden destination for most families, Ecuador is a secret gem gleaming on the west coast of the South American continent. You and your family have the chance to discover the secrets of this natural scene first-hand, and to see nature in its purest form. Dont worry; the infrastructure is good there, and you can move around easily, to see a diversity of landscapes and enjoy a host of wildlife adventures. Best of all are the Galapagos Islands, a story of wonder in their own rights and the point of pilgrimage for those on a South America Odyssey tour.




Four Unexpected Destinations Every Family Needs to Visit

Peru is a must for those who appreciate nature. It has an amazing diversity of mountains, rivers, lakes and jungles. A place for ancient history that you can still feel and experience, take a trip tracing back through the ancient ruins in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It has such a diversity of activities that its an excellent destination for your family. Young adventurers can enjoy many activities in a peaceful, nurturing and family-friendly atmosphere. These are two examples of the many places to visit in Peru:


  • You can also enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city of Lima, reach the Ballestas Islands and enjoy the marine life all in the same week-long trip.

You can hike the Inca trail, alongside rivers, breathtaking scenes and ancient ruins on your search for the mystical and mysterious Machu Picchu.