Casinos – Environmental Sin Cities

Gambling is a major industry around the world. People love to play. Maybe we play poker, Blackjack, or we “feel lucky” with the slots. When we walk in the door of the casino, ee start to feel excited. The music is blaring, there are bells, whistles, bright lights and waitresses putting free drinks in your hand. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you arrive. This is the world that never sleeps. It is going 24-hours per day and 7-days per week.


Keeping this going is expensive. Quora estimates it costs $154,000 per hour to run one of the Wynn Enterprises casinos for just one hour. When you consider the number of physical casinos there are in the world, this is a massive number.

Types of pollution

Casinos create more than their fair share of pollution. The bling and glamour that are there to mesmerize players are not natural phenomenons. They are man-made and they are on continuously. 

Light pollution

Blinking, flashing, neon lights created to control your track of vision, create light pollution inside and outside of the casinos. These lights are affecting the muscles and behavior of your eyes the entire time you are inside a casino. That is not all. One study shows that the way lights are designed on slot machines in a casino actually entices a person with gambling addiction. When you are in a building with rows of these machines pulling you to come closer it is hard to escape the visual pull.

Second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke is a risk for customers who like to visit casinos. How often you are exposed depends on how often you visit and where you go. Some casinos are smoke-free, but not nearly enough of them. However, the employees who work in the casinos are at very high risk for health problems and that risk is costing them and their employer money. In order to get and keep good casino workers, they must offer them good benefits and that means insurance. Insurance is expensive for a smoker. If you work in a casino, it is just as expensive even if you are not a smoker. The reason is, you are a smoker if you breathe in a casino. 


Casinos are continually bringing players free drinks. The thought is, the more you drink, the longer you will play. These drinks come to you in small plastic cups that look so cool with a little foam of a beer or some salt around the rim. They are pretty and small enough that you don’t mind having one or one more. After diligently searching for the number of plastic cups a casino throws away in a day, week, or month and finding nothing we can provide a rough estimate for the ocean of plastic casinos create. In one well-known casino in the United States, we found a report that states the number of visitors to this casino at over 3.5 billion people for the month of October 2019. Assuming each person had one drink (which we know is unrealistic) this gives us 108.5 billion plastic cups per month. That in itself is enough to shock the environment. 

How do we solve these problems and save casinos?

We take advantage of the virtual world. We have the World Wide Web. We have technology that gives us everything we want in a casino, without excess noise, smoke, and dangerous lighting. 

We can enjoy ourselves and win real money without plastics filling our planet, and we can enjoy our games of chance from the comfort of our home, in a group at a party, or from our app on our smartphone or android. 

Does it seem real?

Yes, it seems real. Because it is real.  Lottoland is an industry leader. They are licensed and insured. They are the biggest offshore casino and the best. They offer the same games you play in a brick and mortar casino, but more.

Always a step ahead

People love to play the lottery. They will take great measures, drive long distances, and go out of their way to play. Lottoland saw the need. When you play the Lottery with Lottoland, you can choose from lotteries around the world. You do not have to live there or travel there to play. You are betting on the results of those games. The tickets are the same. When you pick the winning lotto numbers, you win and you are paid by Lottoland. It is that easy.


Lottoland works closely with the manufactures of several companies that make the gambling machines that you see in the casinos. You will often see them online with Lottoland first.  


You can have the thrill of the game. You can win the big bucks. You have the support of expert teams and customer service if you need help. Lottoland was created to take casinos to the next level. We believe It is good for people because it is good for the planet.