7 reasons to take your kids on a cruise

Have you ever thought of taking your children on a cruise holiday? For most families, a cruise isn’t
something they would ever consider: It’s such a world away from their usual type of holiday.
However, those families who cruise regularly swear that it offers the very best type of holiday. In
fact, the majority of people who take their first cruise then go on to book another. But what is it
about cruise holidays that draws families to return year after year?

1. Cruise ships have loads of fun stuff on-board

Pick the right cruise ship and it’s impossible to be bored for even a moment. More than that, you’re
unlikely to even see everything on the ship in the space of a week. How so? Well, cruise ships are
HUGE. It can easily take 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other. With things like ice skating,
rock climbing, go kart tracks, laser tag, skydiving simulators, virtual reality arcades, zip lining and
trampolines, the kids will never be short of something to do.

2. Cruises are perfect for fussy eaters

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for a meal in a restaurant that your child just won’t eat.
But then you don’t want to just give them chips and bread for every meal! This is why cruises are
perfect for fussy eaters. All the food is included in the price of your cruise ticket, so they’re free to
pick and choose whatever they want from an extensive and ever-changing menu. Cruise ships also
have huge buffets which always have lots of kids’ favourites, fresh fruit and healthily yet tempting

3. Cruising is educational

Sometimes, parents take kids out of school to go on holiday. These term-time holidays undoubtedly
cause some feelings of mum-guilt over depriving your littles ones of their education. However, this
can be eased substantially if you know that they’re learning things while they’re away.
Cruises have fantastic kids’ clubs where children are not just entertained, but also educated. When
they’re not playing sports tournaments or taking dance classes, kids will be doing arts and crafts,
working together on challenges and learning new skills, whether that be cooking, DJing or circus

4. Kids make lots of new friends on cruises

Cruises have a great social aspect to them for the whole family and children always make lots of new
friends on-board. Kids’ clubs are split into age specific groups, which often gives children a chance to
be independent of their siblings and meet new people. If you cruise with a European cruise line such
as MSC Cruises, your children will be able to mix with children of different nationalities such as
Italian, German and French kids.

5. Parents can enjoy adults-only time together

Whilst kids are having fun in the kids’ clubs, parents are free to do whatever they like. Sip cocktails in
the hot tub, enjoy a romantic meal for two, head to the casino or enjoy a massage in the spa. Time
as a couple is a very rare treat for many parents. On a cruise, you can have some special moments
together every day!

6. You can explore Europe without flying

Flying with kids can be challenging to say the least. The long waits at the airport and time spent
confined to a small space can send even the most well-behaved kids a bit crackers. A cruise from the
UK takes all that stress away. Most ships depart from Southampton where you can park your car
right outside the cruise port and a member of staff will come and take your suitcases out of your
boot and deliver them to your room. Check-in is usually very quick and then you just walk on to the
ship and make yourself at home. Bliss!

7. Cruises are great value for money

On the face of it, cruises can look expensive. However, when you consider that the price you pay
includes not just your accommodation on-board, but all your meals, selected drinks, fantastic
entertainment and lots of activities, they actually offer much better value for money than most
other types of holidays.

Because family cruises are so popular, last-minute cruise deals are very few and far between. Whilst
there are plenty of cruise ship cabins for two people, families of three, four or five will have fewer
options available. Because of the demand for family cabins, families can get the best deals by
booking their cruises as far in advance as possible. Cruises go on sale as many as 24 months before
the departure date. So, if you plan on cruising in the next two years, you’ll want to search for a
cruise sooner, rather than later.