A Guide to Converting Your Front Garden Into a Driveway

Thinking about turning your front garden into a drive? This is a fantastic idea if you often struggle to find a parking space and you can do this while still making the front of your home look attractive and welcoming. Converting the front garden into a drive can be a smart idea, but there are a few areas that you will need to consider first.



Unless you live on a private road, it is likely that you will have to ask your local council for permission because you will need to put in a dropped curb so that the car can travel safely from the road to your driveway. This can be costly and it can be a complex process if you live on a busy road, but it is possible or you may find that you do not need permission.



You will also need to make sure that you have enough space to convert your front garden into a driveway. Keep in mind that the average vehicle size is 2.4 meters by 4.8 meters so you will need to be able to comfortably fit this in the space without it overhanging the pavement and also with enough room to open the doors.



Your driveway will need to be constructed of a porous material so that rainwater soaks away into the ground and does not run into the street or collect on the surface (which could contribute to urban flooding or cause structural problems). 


Leading on from this, you will also need to carefully think about the material that you use. Even if your front garden is paved, it may not be able to take the weight of a car so you need to find a new material to use. You can look at places like Marshalls for inspiration on types of materials that you can use which are both practical and stylish.



Off-street parking can bring a host of benefits and even add value to your home, but keep in mind that you still want the home to look attractive from the outside and having a parking spot crammed in front of the home can bring down the appearance. Make sure that you have enough space and that you consider the curb appeal when adding a driveway.


Converting your front garden into a driveway can be a smart idea, particularly if you struggle to find a parking spot on your street each day. There are a few considerations, though, so make sure that you carefully think about the above aspects.