Parenting Hacks: Keeping the House Tidy

In an ideal world, we’d all like to maintain an orderly home environment. Having clutter lurking everywhere can be a source of constant low-level stress that can accumulate over the course of days and weeks. If a member of your household suffers from Autism, this can be an especially pressing problem.

Keeping the house tidy is a matter of forming the right habits, and having everyone pitch in. There are also a few sneaky tricks that’ll make the job that little bit easier. Here, we’ll run through some of them!

Set the Rules

Unless you instruct them otherwise, children will tend to get out all of their toys at once and leave them strewn everywhere. And the same applies to some adults! Formalise a cleaning rota, pin it up in the kitchen, and get everyone to follow it.

This might seem like a big ask, especially if your household has been hopelessly messy for a while – but if you set a high bar, you’d be surprised at how close your family comes to leaping over it, even if they don’t quite manage to go all the way.

Assign Storage Space

Every item in your house should have a home. Toy collections might be stashed in special bins, and clothes in drawers. A shoe-rack in your hallway should be used every time you walk through the door – so make it a regular ritual you go through with your kids. Similarly, a large sideboard in your living space will allow you to cut clutter to a minimum. A wash-basket has an obvious purpose – so don’t accept any excuse when your kids fail to use it.


When your kids fail to tidy their stuff away, you can take things to the next level by removing them to somewhere they can’t reach. Then, they’ll be forced to ask for it back. Even if you eventually give it to them, this extra step will provide a little bit of incentive to change their behaviour.

Keep One Area Clean

It’s difficult to keep an entire house clean and tidy, especially when you’re working alone. It’s worth therefore setting aside one room that you know is always going to be in good shape, so that you can retreat there when the clutter begins to get overwhelming. Then, when you’ve collected yourself, you can come back out ready to tackle the rest of the mess.

Binge Clean

Keeping on top of clutter depends on those little acts of tidying. You make a cup of tea, you put the cup back when you’re done. You come back from the gym and you stow your dirty clothes in a wash-basket. 

But sometimes, clutter can pile up to the extent that you’ll want to set aside a few hours, get everyone together, and go through the entire house. Make a playlist to make the experience fly by!