How to Survive Travel With Young Children

Let’s not kid ourselves: while there is plenty of fun to be had when we take a trip with our children, there are also some less than stellar moments that we have to endure. If it’s difficult to manage family life when we’re at home, then you better believe that it’s additionally difficult when we’re on the road and out of our comfort zone. Thankfully, you don’t need to go into a travel adventure with the kids completely helpless. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips that’ll make everything run more smoothly.

Pexels – CC0 Licence


Choose Your Destination Well


Things will be much easier for everyone if you visit a destination that is child-friendly. You might have your eyes on, say, taking a trip around the historical wonders of Rome, but how fun would that be for your children? Save the adult-centric destinations for when the kids are a bit older. When they’re young, it’s best to focus on areas that everyone in the family will enjoy. Beach destinations, the outdoors, and cities that are more modern than historical (since they’ll have fun children’s activities) are recommended. 


Getting From A to B


Sometimes, things can be quite smooth when you’re at your destination, but the process of getting there can be a headache. Even adults can struggle with long journeys, so it’s no surprise that small children can become a little restless (and subsequently annoy you). As such, it’s important that you’re taking steps to ensure that they’re kept entertained and out of trouble during transit. For this, modern tech can come to the rescue! Load the iPad or smartphone with games and videos, and they’ll have hours of entertainment. If you’re going on an aeroplane, learn how to download Youtube videos on iPhone. There’s nothing worse than getting onto a plane and realising that all your entertainment requires an internet connection to work, which you won’t have during the journey. 


Be Organised


It’s fun to be loose free and adventurous when you’re young, but once you have children, you’ll have to rein in that spirit a little. You’ll find it much easier to keep things under control if you’re well organised. This doesn’t have to mean having every inch of the trip planned out. It’s about having an understanding of what you’re going to do, how you’re going to get there, what you’re going to eat, and so on. A little bit of organisation will go a long way! Just be sure not to plan too much. Things are much more likely to go wrong if everyone’s tired and cranky.


Go With the Flow


Finally, remember to go with the flow. Try as you might, there will be things that go wrong — it’s just not possible that you take a flawless trip with so many people. So make sure you’re not reacting to every small instance when things aren’t perfect; you’ll just create a negative atmosphere, and make it more likely that there’ll be more problems, too.