6 Reasons Every Parent Needs Time to Themselves

You may have noticed, either as new or seasoned parents, that you increasingly seem to lose hold of time to yourself. We often take for granted the spare hours we have every day, right up until with gain bigger responsibilities. Getting time to yourself as a parent may feel difficult, and it may be scarce, but it is vital to get some time that belongs solely to you. Having hours in the day that aren’t spent chasing after children with incorrect school uniform or missing packed lunches are almost sacred once you become a mother. 


Your relationship

You may have been warned on countless occasions that your relationship will occasionally be on hold once you become a new parent. Saving time for both you and your partner is important once you have kids. Remember to save the odd night to ring a babysitter and go out on a date.


Time to breathe

It may sound small and simple, but time to step outside and breath is paramount to maintaining your sanity as a parent. Having a brief moment to not listen to cartoons on the TV or your name being called is an important moment of peace. If you have to take 10 minutes to vape outside, for example, make this a moment of meditation. You can treat yourself to different flavours, too, at companies such as ultimatejuice.co.uk. Treating yourself at every moment is a must.


Your sense of self

Many new mums and dads struggle with the transformation from being their own individual self to a parent. When we once used to have only ourselves to look after, we are now responsible for the lives and wellbeing of our children. Having time to yourself allows you to rediscover your true sense of self, and remember that you have your own identity – as well as being a parent.


Enjoy the simple life

Spending time with yourself reminds you to enjoy the simple life again. When we become overrun with childcare, work commitments, and an endless to-do list, it’s easy to forget the simple pleasures. Time to yourself might remind you to enjoy an evening walk, or lose yourself in a good book. 


A fair compromise

Finding time to yourself helps to remind you and your partner that parenthood should come with an equal split in responsibility. Asking your loved one to do some childcare while you see your friends is not only completely fair but is also a reminder that you are in this together. 


Avoid burnout 

There is, ultimately, a consequence to working full-time, being a parent, and working your socks off round the clock. Getting some time to yourself will help stem the effects of burnout, which can strike as a result of having no down-time. This condition can leave parents feeling exhausted and detached; a scary concept for those who feel they can’t afford to stop.


There is nothing wrong or shameful about finding time to yourself. In fact, it’s essential that every parent should find some respite for the demands of everyday life. Not only could it see you enjoying the little blessings in life again, but also splitting responsibilities with your partner more fairly.