5 Science-Based Ideas Your Children Are Simply Going to Adore

Kids love to learn, and if you make it fun they are going to end up learning about all kinds of things and it will never feel like homework. Educational toys can be exciting toys. We are going to look at some science based ideas that your kids will love.


  1. Slime


Slime maintains its popularity because it is interesting, but it is also a little icky, and kids love that kind of thing. 


First off you have the fun of making the slime, and then you get to play around with and see how it moves and feels. 


There are some great slime kits out there that give you all kinds of colors and interesting textures to play with.


Whichever kit you get you can guarantee it is going to provide some amusement.


  1. Lego


Lego is one of those things that really engages your child’s creativity. Just the basic sets and the play sets can help with learning to count, and understanding how to build things. The science sets and the technical sets build on that potential, and really lead your kid into wanting to create stuff beyond what you get in the manuals.


Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit has 10 amazing moving machines, and the possibility of many more. If you child learns from building the machines in the kit there is nothing to stop them building a whole host of other machines too.


  1. Electronics


Getting your kid into electronics, if they really like it, is something that could set them up for life. If a career in electronics doesn’t spark interest for them they can still have a lot of fun playing with the different projects that some of these kits allow you to create.


Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit gives you over 100 projects with more than 30 snap circuit parts. You know that this is one of those things where if your child really takes it, they can come up with their own projects too.


  1. Microscopes


If you have a child that is interested in science, a microscope is definitely something that is going to inspire them. They can learn all about how to work a microscope, and they can a good idea of the kind of thing that they can look at.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Micropro 48-Piece Microscope Set comes with prepared slides, different power settings, and a guide for suggested activities to build on that interest in science.


  1. Crystals


Things that grow and take on a life of their own, and which look really cool are going to capture the imagination of your kid. 


Crystals, like slime have always been one of those things that kids really want to see and understand. 


You can rely on this National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab to provide both intrigue and education. You can grow crystals in 8 colors, and the instructions are super easy to follow.




Giving your kid something that is fun but also stimulates them mentally is great. All of the ideas above really engage your child’s desire to create, and it ill give them satisfaction when they have something to show for it at the end.