3 activity holidays for October half-term

The school holidays have arrived – again! Because time is already moving too fast this year, make sure you get around to completing all the important things on your to-do list, like booking your October half-term trip. Whether you’re swaying towards the idea of some winter sun, want to get active with the kids on a walking trip or like the sound of staying in your own country for the holidays, there are plenty of activity holidays to choose from. To provide you with some inspiration on what you could get up to as a family, here are our top three ideas for what to do with your time away. 

Get the kids to burn off some energy with a family hiking trip

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to dust off the hiking boots. And if you don’t own any, it could be time to invest in some! This October half term, why not get active with a walking holiday in Europe? Not only will a hiking trip allow you to witness some idyllic sights, but you will also all get the opportunity to increase your step count, make unforgettable memories and share funny stories along the way.

Would you and your family prefer to be led by a local expert? Or perhaps you all agree that there would be nothing better than getting lost together on a self-guided trip? Either way, it’s a great excuse to get out in the fresh air. Plus, it means that the kids will sleep well every night!

Get a dose of Vitamin D

If this year has been a hectic one, why not treat yourself and your family to a last-minute break abroad? Sunshine, flip flops and a drink by the pool will give you the chance to truly unwind, before you start exploring everything your destination has to offer. What’s more, when there is a beach nearby or a swimming pool to dive into, the children are usually very good at staying active and entertaining themselves. 

Have fun in the sun as a family and head out on lots of different activities while you’re away. From water parks and white-water rafting, to rock climbing and diving, being abroad gives you plenty of opportunities to try new things. Not only will you all be able to challenge yourselves, but you’ll also get the chance to tick some incredible experiences off your list.

Hang out in your own home country 

If you’re looking to keep costs down this October half term, there is no need to travel any further than the UK. From sightseeing in London to kayaking in Scotland, with trips to zoos, theme parks and aquariums along the way, you won’t be short of activities in your very own home country.

Now that you have a little bit more inspiration, nothing can hold you back from booking that activity holiday!