The Life Update

There seems to be so much happening at the moment that when someone asks how things are going, I have to stop and think where exactly do I begin with giving them an answer to that question. I’m usually rather a scatty person, but the last several months has me more scatty than ever as I take on all the life changes which happening. I thought maybe noting them down in this blog of mine might help me as I look back on this period where so much was happening.

Last month we headed back to England for the first time since we moved to Ireland 10 months ago, people were calling it a holiday at the time, but I have to disagree, it was more for a check in with family and do what we needed to do kind of break, that is not a holiday in my eyes. We went and saw family, stayed with the sister/brother in law and our three nephews, we went and said what was our last goodbye to the man’s Grandmother. I went back to my hometown to catch up with the best friends, sink numerous cocktails and do a bit of holiday shopping.

The holiday was what followed a week later, two whole weeks in sunny (humid) Florida catching up with our good old friend Mickey Mouse, reviewing the SeaWorld (Discovery Cove, Aquatica & SeaWorld) parks and all other the other places we visited whilst there, there were no rest days for this family, every day was taken advantage of. I have SO much to blog about for this trip; I cannot wait to get into a routine where my evenings are spent blogging about our latest adventures.

I went and got a new full-time job, one which doesn’t see me sitting the laptop all day at home but actually out the house in a hotel a couple of villages away. The job was for digital marketing, something I’ve learnt a thing or two about over the years. You may have spotted me talking about the job interviews over on Twitter; I was so fricking nervous which each of them, it had been a long time since I had an interview and I don’t think any amount of prep can help with those nerves. I found out I got the job not long after the plane landed in England, celebratory drinks may have followed.

So it’s been pretty much all GO GO GO since May, June was practically spent in Florida and the rest of it I have spent either sleeping or eating as I’ve got to grips with the tiredness which has come with returning to work. Monday sees the start of July, and unlike back in England where the kids had 6 weeks summer holidays, they’ve already broken up for the summer and they now have 2 whole months off school, probably a great time to mention that the man is now a stay at home dad, I think we can all wish him the best of luck with that.