The Elements Necessary In A Family Friendly Event

Being family friendly is important for anyone looking to run an event, whether it be a public or private affair. Maybe you want to start your own local festival in the town you live in, or maybe you just want to organise a big family dinner and you know there’s lots of young people in your family. Either way, you need to keep kids in mind; parents will be bringing them along, to see the world and enjoy what it has to offer, and there’s a lot to be catering for!


So here’s just a couple of tips on making sure you’ve included the right elements in your bid to make a day out or in a family friendly event for all. Our children have a lot of different needs in their lives, and you’ve got to be sure there’s a space on offer to cope with them all.



Have Plenty of Things to Do


Children can get bored easily, can’t they? They can pick up a coloring book and some crayons for five minutes, and then want to move on to the soft play area for the next five, and then on again and on again, never stopping for a second.


But some children can stick with a task for hours on end, and never want to move from the focus they have on the dollhouse in front of them, or to leave the other kids they’ve banded together to run around with. A lot of children find fun in one activity and one alone, and you need to make sure they’re allowed to stick with it for as long as they want.


Which means you need plenty of things to do! You need to have the space for kids to either move on as they please or to stay in one spot for as long as they like, and you need the activities to be interesting and varied. You need ones the get kids to stand up, ones that let them sit down, ones that let them be near others, and ones that let them be apart.

Always Have Quiet Areas Available


Aside from the above, if you want your family friendly event to go off without a hitch, you’re going to need some allocated quiet areas for kids and their parents to retreat to when it all gets a bit too much. Kids can be very easily overstimulated; just remember all the tantrums you’ve seen from three year olds in the middle of the supermarket aisles.


So, for example, when the music of the wedding bands from Alive Network you hired to make your sister’s big day perfect gets a little too loud, depending on the genre they’ve changed to, you don’t want kids to be crying and screaming at their tables because their heads are hurting. Give them a quiet room, or a quiet outside space, to head out to and calm down.


Being family friendly isn’t hard or expensive; it just needs a little forethought!