When Can Babies Walk?

Babies start walking between 9 to 12 months. They start walking steadily between 14 or 15 months. A few babies might take a little more time to walk. A few babies also walk when they are between 16 or 17 months. Before reaching one year of age, the baby is developing muscle strength and coordination abilities. Within the 9 months, the baby learns to sit and crawl. When the baby makes an attempt to walk, you can encourage the baby to walk stably. In this article, you will find useful information about when can babies walk.


  1. Stages of babies walking


When the baby is ready to start walking from the stage of crawling, they first start bouncing. At this point, you can encourage them and pick them up and teach them how to walk by holding their arms and walking with them. Around 7 months, the baby learns to crawl and have a tummy time which strengthens their muscles. It is between 9 to 12 months that they start walking. A few babies might take their own time to walk and this can be beyond one year of age. This is one of the baby milestone reached when they start cruising before they actually start walking.


  1. Let the baby have more floor time


You can spend more time with the baby on the floor, encouraging them to walk, instead of carrying them. When you see your baby cruising, spend less time carrying them. The lesser times you hold your baby, the faster they start walking. Each day let them explore floor time and develop various skills. This gives them more freedom to explore more of walking habits.


  1. Avoid baby walker at this stage


Contrary to the belief that a baby walker can help the baby walk faster, skip this device when the baby starts walking. Use it at a much later stage when the leg muscles are well developed and the baby starts to walk completely. Most of the baby walkers come with a seat and let the baby sit more than walk. They do not encourage a natural style of walking. Using a baby walker at this stage has its own pitfalls.


  1. Minimize the sit and play options


A playpen or an activity center is a place where they have to spend less time once they start walking. A playpen or an activity center is a place where the baby sits and takes naps. Since these places restrict movement, they are not ideal places for the baby to spend time when the baby starts walking. Let the baby spend more time on the floor where there is no furniture or any item that can be hazardous or cause injury.


  1. Use push toys with wheels


One of the best ways for the baby to start walking faster is to use push toys or something that has wheels. The baby can hold them and learn to walk faster along with them. The wheels that come with these toys move with a slower speed that is ideal for the baby who learns to walk for the first time.


  1. Avoid indoor shoes for the baby


You might want to protect the baby’s feet from injury when they first start walking and make them wear soft indoor shoes. But this is a bad idea. It is good to let the baby walk barefoot and ensure that there are no sharp objects or any materials that could cause injury or accidents when the baby starts walking. Walking barefoot gives a better grip to the baby than when they wear shoes and walk.


  1. A note about late walkers


Sometimes, a baby walks as late as 18 months. This should not be a matter of concern as it could just be the personality of the baby. As long as the baby has crawled and has been moving on their tummy for months, delayed walking is not a matter of concern. If the baby does not move during the crawling stage, then you could take the baby to a healthcare provider. A baby could develop motor skills a little later than most of the children.


  1. This is when you use shoes


You can go shoe shopping for the baby when they start walking on their own and go outside and play on their own. This is the time you know that you must buy comfortable shoes for the baby to go outside and play on their own. This is a concise article on when can babies walk and how to help them walk. Also you can visit Parentprime for more baby’s related questions or best baby products.