Three Items Worth Collecting that Can Be Well Worth It When You Re-Sell Them

Raising a family is no easy feat. You have all the responsibilities of looking after the kids, being a good parent and role model, making sure the house runs smoothly, and that you can provide for your family in a monetary sense. With many people often having to work long hours just to pay the bills, and even work two jobs, sometimes it can be hard to figure out how your future will involve anything but work and bills? Will there ever be a time when you can slow down and even better yet, retire?

One avenue that may be worth pursuing is to get into collecting. Not only can it be a fun pastime and hobby, but when you do the proper research and make smart purchases, you’ll end up with items that will be well worth it when it comes time to re-sell them.

If you’ve been thinking of entering the world of collectors but you’re unsure of what to collect, and what holds its value, then you’re going to want to read on. Here we’ll take a look at three very different types of items that could be worth you collecting.


Not only is wine a really simple thing to start collecting, as it is readily available, but it also starts to build a story or history if you will. Serious collectors understand that it’s not about walking into your local store and picking up the first bottle of wine that catches your eye, rather, it is about reading up on wine, doing your history, and learning which ones are worth collecting.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind if you start buying fine wine is how you plan to store it? Typically collectors start in their homes, and then once their collection reaches a certain point they realise they can no longer store it. This is when places like Octavian can be extremely handy when you are buying fine wine. You can store your collection in their vaults, keeping everything safe and sound, at the right temperature, and in the right light conditions, which also means your wine will age better.

Pop Memorabilia

Here’s a more abstract collection, as it can encompass all kinds of cool and unique items. Pop memorabilia is an excellent starter-collection for people as it’s not only fun to collect it’s also available at wide price points. Pop memorabilia is also notorious for having a high amount of return should you decide to sell your collection later on. Just like with any collection be sure to do plenty of research and ensure the items you are buying are authentic.

Vintage Fashion

Now perhaps you have an eye for fashion, and if that’s the case, collecting vintage fashion pieces could be the way to go. Right now anything from the 1940s-1970s is quite valuable and sought after, so that gives you a rough idea of the styles to keep an eye on.

Make Sure Your Collecting Is Also Fun

While all three of these are great items to start collecting and can prove to be quite valuable down the road should you wish to sell them, keep in mind that a collection should still be fun and be something you feel passionate about.