Keeping Your Memories Alive

We have the ability to take high-quality photos in an instant with that camera we carry around in our pockets, aka the mobile phone. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure a day doesn’t go by where I’m taking at least one photo of the children or even the dog. Other days it will be my actual camera that I’m carrying around with me to take that perfect shot,  but no matter what device I’m using, I am left with memories in a photo that shouldn’t just be left right there on my mobile or on my camera’s memory card. They need to be backed up and maybe even bought to life.


Create real-world memories

One option is to take your digital memories and turn them into something more tangible. Using an online printing business, such as, you can create posters, clothes and flags with your chosen image. There are many different options for you to choose from when it comes to displaying your selected image. I love the idea of printing out an embarrassing baby photo for an occasion such a 40th birthday party.

It’s a quick and easy way to create a wonderful visual reminder of some of your happiest memories and ensures that in the event of some of your online files/back up drive being lost or corrupted, your favourite images will still be in your life.


Store your photos offline

It’s a good idea to transfer any photographs you take on your phone or tablet to a secondary device, such as your laptop or desktop computer. But don’t just leave them on there, grab yourself an external hard drive which you can easily pug into your computer to transfer the files to, this will give you the option then of deleting those photos from your phone/memory card giving you more space to take more pictures and videos. 

One idea is to keep the most important and precious memories – such as those of a child’s first day at school, a video of their first steps or first ride on a bicycle – on a separate medium such as a DVD. 

Store your photos online 

As well as storing them offline, also store them online, giving you that important backup option if something was to happen to your computer/hard drive. I only know too well the heartache of losing photos as it happened to me just after Christmas, now if only I had stored them online as I do now I would have an instant back up for all these lost images. It’s currently unknown if the hard drive can be fixed and if I will get those missing photos back or not, so I’m just going to have to rely on what printed images I do have as well as the ones I shared online to keep those memories alive.

Another option to keep your photos online is by creating a blog to share them. It’s a fantastic way to show friends and family what you have been up to, think of it as a virtual scrapbook. For me my blog has become a photo album, I’ll often use it to look back on what we have done as a family, and even when I cannot think of any words to say I’ll create a post full of photos like I did with my Venice blog post.