How to Choose the Right Senior School

If you have a son or daughter that’s going to be transitioning into senior school soon, you’re probably feeling a bit under pressure and overwhelmed with choice. There’s a lot to think about when making such a huge decision about your child’s future, but I have teamed up with Mount House School to offer some advice.


To get a feel for a school, the first thing to do is visit their website. In doing so, you will be able to read about the curriculum, the facilities and whether or not there are any after school clubs and other extracurricular activities. You will also be able to download the prospectus and learn more. Of course, it would be far more beneficial to actually visit the school, so be sure to look out for open days. It’s important to look round more than one school so that you compare and contrast.


Whilst you’re touring the schools, assess whether or not the facilities are well-maintained. For example, are the dining areas and toilets clean? Think about the size of the school and determine if it will be a good fit for your child. Perhaps they’d be better somewhere bigger/smaller? You should also consider the teachers; are they friendly and approachable?


Think about your priorities and what’s important to your child. For instance, do you need to be in walking distance of the school or is there a suitable bus route? Trusting your own instinct is a big part of the process, because only you can decide what’s right for your child. Of course, be sure to ask them what they think of each school and allow them to feel involved in the decision. After all, they’re the one that’s going to be spending all day, every day there, so it’s important that they feel comfortable and happy.