4 Tips On Maintaining An Attractive Front Yard

If you’re a nature loving person, you always get an idea about gardening. But maintaining and keeping it in full shape seems difficult. If it makes you feel like impossible, then you are probably not trying it in a right way. There are many people who give many hours per week just to maintain their yard. But, you don’t have to give this much time if you want your front yard in shape. You can maintain your garden by following few habits. You don’t need to devote excess amount of time in your front yard.

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  1. One Inch, One Week

You have to make sure that the grass is getting one inch water after every one week. It is a right rule to maintain your front yard. One inch of water aims to give the proper need of grass.

Over watering may become a serious problem, too. You have to make sure that the water you gave to your grass would be one inch. For a quick and easy way to measure the water, you can place an empty tuna. It will help to measure water from top to bottom. When it feels full, it means your grass has received one inch of water.


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  1. Take Care of Your Lawn

A perfect yard needs maintenance. It is essential for an attractive front yard. Trim the grass and keep it free from weeds. If you don’t have enough time to give to your yard then consider low maintenance things. Make sure to fertilize your lawn. If you don’t own a fertilizer spreader, then rent it out from a company. Drop spreader would be enough for your small yards. If you want to save your time by fertilizing large lawns then broadcast spreader would be perfect for you. Make sure to keep it away from lawn edges. If this sounds too much, we have a simple solution: installing a high quality artificial grass. Find more about it online to know how cool it is.


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  1. Maintain Your Fence and Deck

If you want to see the complete and perfect look of your front yard then get the fence and desk. Maintain it accordingly or the way you want it. You should be very careful about your fences and desks. It gets faded easily overtime. In order to maintain your yard, and improve the appearance of it, you have to look after. Switching from wood to vinyl, it would be the best decision for low maintenance. Woods are less resistant than vinyl, if you want to choose fences and decks. They require low maintenance and don’t fade out.

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  1. Create Storage Space

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter is the best way to make your front yard look more attractive. It makes them more functional unknowingly. Use store lawn mowers and other useful equipment to use them whenever you feel like. If you have a small front yard, then you can hang tools and equipment. It would look more nice and tidy. Many companies offer other solutions to store them so they can be easily put in any front yard. Ask your nearest store for storage solutions.