4 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Language

Our eldest Oli bought home some English homework the other week; he had to list reasons to why Gaelic (the Irish language) should and shouldn’t be taught in school. Together we came up with so many more reason to why you should learn a new language, and I’m pretty sure the only negative reason we could really come up with was that he could have spent that time doing maths which doesn’t really sound like a good enough excuse to abandon the opportunity learn a new language. We thought we would share with you 4 reasons why you should learn a new language:


Job potential

We live in such a diverse and multicultural society that learning new languages can become a huge advantage, especially when searching for a new job. Why stay in one country when you could potentially cherry pick the better job opportunities to suit yourself or family. Countries around the world are crying out for numerous types or skills and expertise and often will pay a higher premium to get someone’s service. These days there are many options for learning a new language from websites such as Duolingo, apps such as Babbel and languages classes from companies such as Language Trainers so it’s easier than ever to add a new language skill to your C.V.


Everybody loves an enjoyable holiday, and taking that trip abroad to a foreign country is always exciting. But once you reach the destination, everything changes. I guarantee the first thing you notice is the language on signs has changed, and the general chit chat around you is just noise to your ears. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

By learning the language of the country, you travel to puts you at ease straight away. How nice it is to get off the plane, train or ferry and immediately understand everything that’s going on around you. How nice is it to have the confidence to ask for directions, ask for prices or thrust yourself into the new culture around you. Most people learn the important words to get them through like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘good day’, but I can assure you the locals appreciate people making an effort to talk to them in their native tongue.

Social Life

It always amazes me when you’re in a job or on the school pick up, and you meet the new faces who have moved countries, and as you speak to them, you think how amazing it is that they have learnt the language and able to involve themselves into our society.

I’m always in awe of these people and sometimes a little jealous that they are fluent in 2 languages. When you hear children of young ages that are bilingual, it always makes me think why can’t I make an effort to learn more languages.


When learning another language not only are you learning something new but you brush up on your language. You start to get a better in-depth look at the words and meanings and all the different rules that come with it. Everything stays fresh in mind and keeps your brain engaged.

I always think it’s important to keep yourself busy in life and why not put an hour or so aside to learn something new. It’s excellent general knowledge, and you might even come off more intellectual in front of your friends.