Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained? Look no further!

The Easter holidays are coming, and while for many that means church ceremonies, chocolate eggs, the Easter Bunny and of course a big Easter lunch it also means you’ve got to keep the kids entertained for 2 weeks…

The Easter holidays aren’t always renown for their good weather, with April showers and Spring weather often being on the cooler side. Which means the possibility of having the kids cooped up indoors, being surrounded by toys and electronics yet somehow still managing to be bored. So, with that in mind, I’ve gathered together some super simple boredom busting ideas that should keep the kids busy and allow you to have a hot cup of tea rather than a cold one…!

Back to basics

Colouring. When I was little I’d spend hours scribbling and furiously colouring in pages and pages of colouring books and sheets of paper. It’s a nice way to spend a couple of hours while you get some jobs done around the house. You don’t even have to spend money on colouring books; there are plenty of colouring pages that you can print off online for free! Just make sure you have enough ink in your printer – for the latest prices of Printer Ink Pixma 3600 click the link – and plenty of colouring pens!

Paint some rocks

Perfect for a rainy day as this works as two activities in one. When you’re out and about, or even in the garden see if you can collect some good sized stones with the kids and bring them inside. Then they can spend an afternoon painting and decorating them or even writing little messages. Then the next time you go out for a walk, take the rocks with you and hide them! It’ll be a nice surprise for anyone else taking a stroll! Who knows, you might come across some painted rocks yourself!

Get them in the bath

All kids enjoy getting wet and splashing about. So, fill up the tub and let them play for a while. You could treat them to some bath fizzers or bath bombs to make bath time a little more exciting. Depending on their age you can leave them to it for a while. And the best part? They’ve already bathed! So it’s one less job for you to contend with later…

Dance party

Who says you need the latest games console to have a dance party or a contest? You can play music via your phone or even via YouTube and let the kids burn off some energy while they pull off some crazy moves in the living room. Don’t worry if they’re not excited at first – the older kids will probably want to show the younger ones how it’s done!

Quiet time

Set up a timer and let the kids know that it’s time for some quiet time. You can set them up with books, some puzzles, writing activities or even some arts and crafts. Let them know it’s not forever and once the timer has run out, they can do something else if they wish!