5 Reasons The Apartment ‘Playa Alicante’ Is Ideal For Autism

We’ve been back from our Spanish getaway for a couple of months now, yet I still find myself recommending the apartment (disclaimer – we got a press discount) we stayed in with Clickstay, to fellow parents, especially Autism parents/carers who are looking for that ideal family getaway. The perfect family getaway for us, special needs parents, is somewhere accessible, safe, close to essential amenities and somewhere where can have the fun and make those memories that we came away to experience. Now I’ve come up with some reasons to why we think the Playa Alicante apartment is an ideal Autism stay, just like autism is a different experience for every family, what may work for us might not work for you and vice versa.

1. It’s rather secure.

Now nowhere is fully secure, especially when it comes to our little Houdinis but we found Playa Alicante one of the safer places we have stayed with the kids.  The kid’s room had doors which opened to a balcony but the key was right at the top, it took us, adults, a chair to reach these. Locks are a common theme amongst the whole place with the swimming poor being accessed via locked gates and the beach only being accessible via a locked door. You’ll also find the entire complex secure with 24/7 security.

2. The beach

Now I don’t know about your kid but mine loves the beach, it’s a huge sensory experience for him. So the fact we were just a 5 minute walk down a path to the beach made the apartment’s location convenient to us, it meant we could carry him and not rely on a pushchair which everyone knows becomes difficult to push onto a beach, at the same time you are instantly on the beach after coming off this path which is handy when bringing a wheelchair/stroller.

3. The playground

Another place which is secure with a locked gate is the playground, just across from the apartment. It has a soft surface, which we all have to agree is so much more children friendly than what concrete is. My eldest put it’s cushioning to the test several times during our visit as he tried to master the monkey bars. There are three slides to choose from which rather pleased my slide loving ASD kid. As parents, we approved of the benches where we got to watch the children play while soaking up some sun rays.

4. Nearby Amenities

There is a supermarket which is a short 15-minute walk away from the apartment, though on the first night I took a quick Uber across to grab the week’s food as we didn’t have a hire car for this trip. The next time we went as a family to grab ice creams and stock on some more refreshments, we just used the maps on our phone to guide us walking there. This supermarket has a wide variety of food so you’ll bound to find something your fussy eater, as we did. The baby aisle with the essentials like nappies and wipes if you didn’t bring these with you/ran out. There also a hospital close by which I know is a number one essential to find out about if your kid has more complex medical needs.

5. Transport options

Like I said we didn’t hire a car for this trip choosing instead to stay close to our apartment and our research beforehand told us their amenities nearby for food. Malaga airport isn’t too long of a journey from the UK & Ireland, and it was just a 45-minute journey to Alicata Playa which we took via a taxi shuttle we had prebooked there and back before our trip. If you choose to venture further afield, there is a bus stop just a couple of minutes away from the supermarket, and it cost us just over a euro each to get to Old Town Marbella to explore. I also mentioned before that there is the option to grab an Uber, I find this such a convenient option as we can use it via an app and I know who is driving us before we get in the car.



It’s always nice to hear from someone who has stayed somewhere beforehand. This is what I thrive off when planning a trip anywhere with our special needs kid, hearing the firsthand recommendation from a fellow Autism mum will always go a long way to influence if we take a trip somewhere or not. If you’re looking for somewhere to talk about travel with other like-minded parents, then please do join our Barrier-Free Travel Facebook group.


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Autism Friendly Apartment in SpainAutism Friendly Apartment in SpainAutism Friendly Apartment in Spain

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