5 Things I Would Miss If We Were To Leave Ireland

Today is St Patrick’s Day, so it’s only right that I wish you ‘Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit‘ considering that I’m learning Gaelic, to help the kids with their homework and the fact that we now live in Ireland. I am going to share with you five things I would miss if we left Ireland (which we have no plan on doing so anytime soon!)


1. The People

Irish people are by far so much friendlier than English people, I’m English, so I’m allowed to admit this out loud` (can you tell I’m sticking my tongue out at anyone who read that and felt insulted?) 6 months we have been here and I am yet to come across anyone who has been rude or unfriendly to us. From the moment we landed at the airport during our first househunting trip to this very day, we have experienced a welcoming which has continued ever since.

There came the point a few weeks into our move that I was in tears because I was so overwhelmed by how friendly the people around us were, from our neighbours to fellow school parents. I had never experienced friendliness like it before, so many people offering to help us out. Being away from the network of people we knew and who could support us, was tough. Thanks to these people, our family has not felt homesick once; they have helped to make Ireland feel like home for us.


2. The Craic

My new favourite word ‘the craic’, it’s a word which I’ve learnt can be used for anything and everything. It’s hard to describe exactly what it means; I don’t think even the Irish do. It’s been said so many times in conversations to me now that it’s become natural for me to use it. It’s mainly used in a ‘what’s the craic’ context. There are so many phrases which have become part of our vocabulary now, but I think those deserve there own blog post explaining them in greater detail.

3. The 100% Irish Meat

Bet you weren’t expecting this one, though the food is always a good reason to visit anywhere, the Irish meat is out of this world, it has transformed our dishes. We live for the weekends when we get to enjoy sausage sarnies, the sausages are amazing, and we make a point of always getting them in when family come to visit. The man is obsessed with the black & white pudding here; I know he would mourn the full Irish breakfast if we were to leave. I am just yet to have a bad meal here in Ireland, whenever we eat out the food is of fantastic quality and taste. I’m yet to try the traditional dish of boiled bacon and cabbage though!

4. The Greenery

The first thing we noticed when we were flying over Ireland the first time was just how green it was; we instantly knew why it’s called the Emerald Isle. We still find it unusual now when driving anywhere out of the city, just how much green there is around us. Before we moved we were getting used to the fact houses were being built on every bit of green land in sight, you compare a flight over England to a flight over Ireland, and you will see a huge difference. I know I’m back home in Ireland the moment my view turns green.


5. The Weather

When I asked the man for a 5th thing to say about what we would miss if we were to leave Ireland, he joked the weather, cue laughter. But it’s true; the weather here fascinates me! So unpredictable that it’s actually turned into a fun game. ‘Is it going to rain today? Nosurelyy not because the sun is out, nope spoke too soon, hi rain.’ We celebrated our six month anniversary a couple of weeks ago here by finally putting up a washing line in the garden; it’s been used once in that time. There’s an art to being an Irish Mammy who does her washing; I’m hoping to nail that by our one year anniversary.


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5 Things I Would Miss If We Were To Leave Ireland 5 Things I Would Miss If We Were To Leave Ireland 5 Things I Would Miss If We Were To Leave Ireland