5 Ways To Ease Sea Sickness

I knew my eldest’s first trip on a ferry would have him reaching for the sick bag, the poor kid was sick throughout the whole 4 hours of that journey. I gave him enough sympathy to join in and do the same; I really thought I would get away with it especially as I used to live on a small island and regularly travelled on various boats on choppy seas, but alas there was no escaping it that time. Back then I would feel the odd queasiness but found a can of ginger ale would ease it which leads me on to my first suggestion on how to ease seasickness.


These days I can barely touch anything ginger flavoured without recoiling in horror at the bad memories of my pregnancies. My first pregnancy where it was just morning sickness, a couple of ginger biscuits when I woke up did help ease it. Come the second and third, no matter how many ginger biscuits I consumed, they didn’t even begin to touch the edges of the sickness. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gradium with the second and come the third when I went knocking on the doctor’s door; his first suggestion was to try ginger biscuits, oh how I laughed.

This was what I told the eldest about as we found these queezibics near the snack area on board the boat, it was too late on our way to, but on the return trip, I think they helped us both with nausea, rather enjoyed mine with a cup of tea. Something handy to grab in advance for your little ones if travelling via sea anytime soon.

Here’s some more suggestions from my fellow bloggers..

Full Sugar Lemonade

Kate at Ever After With the Kids says: When I got really seasick on holiday, the captain gave me some full sugar lemonade and said it would help – and it did.

Sea Bands

Louise at My Three And Me says: I used Sea Bands when I went to Amsterdam on the ferry and they really helped. Clare over at Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too! have reviewed some Sea Bands which is worth having a read of if you were looking into purchasing them.

Looking Towards The Horizon

Helen at Casa Costello says: A combination of sea bands, looking at the horizon (which is tiring) and keeping lying down (even if it’s on the floor) are the only ways she can get through.

Fresh Air

This tip is actually from the man who says getting some fresh hair helps to curb it as well as avoiding those who look, talk or in the process of being sick.