3 Tips for an Affordable Family Holiday in the Algarve

Holidays can very often unite families. And they can be great fun, too. There’s just one issue: they can sometimes be pricey.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. When you visit the Algarve region in Portugal, you can secure pocket-friendly fun for the whole family.

Here are the three main reasons why.


  • Family Lodgings


As you’ll no doubt know, Portugal boasts fabulous beaches. And luckily, it isn’t costly to vacation near one.

Thanks to companies like Villa Plus, you can enjoy luxury accommodation within walking distance from the shoreline. Spacious and stylish, these are the ultimate temporary living spaces for groups of all sizes.

And with a heated, outdoor dining area and BBQ set, you can settle into the Mediterranean lifestyle easily. You’ll also be able to enjoy fantastic views from the comfort of your own home. Even better, this all comes at a reasonable price.

And so, you needn’t break the bank for the perfect family holiday.


  • Activities for All


Affordable activities are easy to find in this area of Portugal. In fact, there’s lots to enjoy for free. Walking tours, history walks, and a market visit are just a few examples.

All you need for these days out is a guide on the area – and this can easily be found online. Why not pack a lunch and go on a family adventure to the local town or village?

For a truly cost-effective day out, why not just head down to the beach with a picnic, bat and ball? With accommodation so close to the coast, you can walk to get there – and therefore, you can save on travel costs!


  • Food for Everyone


Fresh olives, deli meats, and pastries. Oh, and let’s not forget the seafood. Yes, the Algarve is famed for its culinary delights.

Its wide range means that there’s a dish for everyone. Even the kids are bound to enjoy its food. And we all know what fussy eaters they can be. Aside from being delicious, most of it is affordable. So, restaurant visit may not be as dear as you first expected.

Anyway, isn’t a large part of holidays sampling the local delicacies?

It also provides a great way to teach kids to embrace other cultures. You can all have fun and relax together, too.

In the Algarve, the kids can learn, you can relax, and everybody can explore. What’s more, you can do this affordably. With this in mind, what’s to stop you from booking the family holiday of your dreams?