Quotes to Live By this Christmas Season

A lot of you are surely getting busy crafting their own photo insert Christmas cards or researching about Christmas photo card templates online. After all, cards are perhaps the most economical amongst all gift ideas this season. To make it more special, aside from taking the DIY route, include some quotes, such as those that will be mentioned below. Live by this quote and for sure, anyone can have a happy life!


I Will Honor Christmas in my Heart, and Try to Keep it All Year


A quote by Charles Dickens from A Christmas Carol, it is short but sweet. The premise is simple – Christmas should not be an event that you celebrate just once in a year. The spirit and essence of such a special day should be within each of us throughout a day. Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if it is Christmas every day?


We Make a Living by What We Get but We Make a Life by What We Give


If you are thinking of Christmas phrases or short Christmas sayings to include in a DIY card, this is one of the best. This shows the importance of giving, which is also the spirit of Christmas. To be able to live a meaningful life, you should learn how to give back, especially to those who are in need. It is the perfect time to share your blessings.


Love the Giver More than the Gift


Personally, this is one of the best Christmas quotes to live by. This shows that we should not focus on the material side of the world. While you should be thankful for the material gifts that you are receiving, as they say, it is the thought that counts. Be appreciative that you have been remembered by the giver this time of the year, which shows how special you are.


The Best of All Gifts Around Any Christmas Tree: The Presence of a Happy Family All Wrapped in Each Other


This Christmas, there is perhaps nothing that is more important than the family. It is not the material gifts that count. Even without all the presents, it is enough that you get to spend the holidays with your family. Their presence alone will already fill you with love and happiness. It is one of the rare times where you are complete as a family.


The Christmas Spirit is a Spirit of Giving and Forgiving


It is the season to not only give but to also forgive. Let go of the hatred that you have in your heart, and for sure, you will feel better. This is the perfect time to grant forgiveness to those who have hurt you. For sure, the world will be a better place when we are all friends. It is now time to kiss and make up!


Whether you are making your own card or you are just looking for words to inspire you this season, the quotes mentioned above are sure to remind you and others of what Christmas is all about!