Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist: 10 Things You Should Do Before the Baby Is Due

If you have a baby on the way and the time is getting near, it is likely a period of great excitement for you as a mother-to-be. Before the due date, it is helpful to have a checklist for the last month of pregnancy. That way you can feel prepared for any eventuality.


Have a Go-Bag Ready


If you’re having your baby at the hospital or another medical facility, you’ll want to have a bag packed and ready with any items that you feel you might need. You might wish to have an old tee-shirt or nightgown, massage oil or lotion, lip balm, or a birth ball.


Think About Baby Names


It’s not a necessity, but many mothers want to have a name picked out beforehand, or at least narrow it down somewhat. If you already know the baby’s gender, you might have a couple of top picks for both boys and girls ready to go.


Have a Device for Timing Contractions


There are several different items on the market that are designed for this purpose. You’ll want to have one in place, and you should also know how to time contractions accurately. That way you can tell if the big event has arrived or whether it is only a false alarm.


Have the New Baby’s Clothes Ready


Your new arrival is going to need some suitable outfits. You can go shopping online, or if there are brick-and-mortar stores nearby that carry clothing for infants, you could check those out too.


Get a Noise Machine App


If you don’t have one yet, it can be helpful to download a noise machine app for your phone. If you can get one with ocean sounds or something else soothing and rhythmic, that would be ideal. With any luck, it can convince the baby that it’s time to get some sleep.


Get Yourself a Mani-Pedi


The last month can be a rough stretch, with your hormones working overtime, sore muscles, and difficulty sleeping in some cases. A mani-pedi is a nice way to pamper yourself. You deserve it.


Get a New Yoga Outfit


You’re going to be able to move about with much more freedom again once the baby is born. Yoga is a fantastic way to drop the baby weight and regain some of the flexibility that you might have lost during the pregnancy. Have a new outfit ready to go.


Get Some Staples


You’ll want your favorite foods ready for you once the baby has arrived. It’s going to be a fulltime job, with nighttime feedings and an irregular sleep schedule for the first few months. Having the makings for some of your favorite meals and snacks is a must.  


Have a Stroller Ready


You’ll want to have a new or gently used stroller ready for walks around the neighborhood with your new arrival. Perhaps you kept one from a previous pregnancy, but if this is your first child, you can shop for one online or head to a nearby store.


Get a Crib


You’ll want to have a crib as well. If you own one already, then you’re good to go. If not, find a brand and model that you like. The baby will sleep with you at first, but at some point, they will be ready to make the move to their own space.


With all this taken care of, you’re ready for the main event. Make sure that you have your support network of friends and family there as well. You will be glad of their presence as you embrace motherhood.