Top Things To Do In Corsica With Your Family

Corsica, the small French island province in the Mediterranean Sea, which has been stated as “the Caribbean of the Mediterranean” is the perfect place for your next family vacation.

Home to few resorts, amazing scenic heights, countless opportunities for sailing, snorkeling, hiking, or lounging on the beach and taking in the islands crystal blue water, Corsica is filled with so many activities the entire family can enjoy.



Accessible by a short ferry ride from Italy or cheap connecting flights from mainland Europe, this island getaway is ideal for a fun,  adventurous family vacation. To help make planning your trip a little easier, here are a few ideas on what to do with your family in Corsica.


Visit Masion Bonaparte

Masion Bonaparte is the family home and birthplace of the legendary military commander and emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Home to the Corsican Family for over 200 years, Maison Bonaparte now belongs to the French government and serves as a museum and one of the most popular tourist attractions of the island.

It should be stated that there are no English translations for the exhibits in the museum and it is said that it’s extremely crowded during the tourist season, still, it’s amazing to experience the childhood home of one of the most prolific military commanders in the history of Europe.


Go To The Beaches

If you look up Corsica, you’ll be treated to many pictures of stunning beaches.

Top Things To Do In Corsica With Your Family

Most of the beaches on the south of the island, such as Calvi, are ideal for children due to the beautiful blue waters, very clean, and shallow waters are perfect for little ones to splash around for some old fashioned fun in the sun.

Plus you’ll be able to enjoy the mountainous views and a citadel as well as many cafes and shops.


Enjoy Nature

Over 40 percent of Corsica is designated as national parks, so the island is home to ancient growth forests, lakes, rivers, and mountainous trails.

Since Corsica has been invaded and annexed a few times over, there are many relics and classical structures, such as the Genoese bridge, dot the wilderness.

If you’d like to embrace the ways of the old, you can even rent horses with ease by contacting one of the islands many rental agencies who will gladly help you make all the necessary arrangements.


Check Out Beautiful Historic Towns

If you want to absorb some the local culture which has many French and Italian influences, as well as native Corsican tradition, then you’ll be utterly amazed by how picturesque the towns and cities which are spread on the island. Check out Bastia, Calvi, and L’lle Russe.


Visiting Corsica With Your Family

Corsia is a beautiful, unique place, which is ideal for the perfect family vacation as long as you plan your trip around the busiest times, generally during the summer months. Do some research and strategically plan your next amazing island getaway for your family.

Even if it’s only a short visit while visiting Europe, you’ll thank yourself for the effort.