My 30th Birthday

Was a day spent unpacking boxes after our recent house move, it must have felt like Dylan’s birthday as we unopened some toy boxes that morning and he sat for ages playing with them as if had never seen them before. It was nice having Dylan around, his brother and sister had school, and the man was at work, so it was just the two of us that morning consuming chocolate for breakfast. I did get a surprise delivery of flowers that afternoon, the surprise being that I’m not a fan of receiving flowers but he knew I would like the colours in this bouquet and it would brighten up the currently rather dull-full-of-boxes living room.


It wasn’t long before the man was pulling up the drive and handing me a Pumpkin Spice Latte, yeah that legend which is my husband went all the way into the city, went to Starbucks and ordered my favourite seasonal drink, asked them to make it extra hot so that by the time it got to me it was the perfect temperature.


My favourite birthday present by far though is this painting of Ballintoy Harbour, Co Antrim. It was a painting that I had picked up and enquired about the week before in one of those flea market type shops. I took it over to the till to inquire about its price guessing that it would be around the €50 mark, I was right with my guess and was told they could knock it down to €40, I might have been tempted if I knew more about the image in the painting, the guy didn’t know which harbour it was and couldn’t tell me anything about it. I do have this thing about harbours, but I really want the walls in our new house to be adorned with images that mean something to us.

The man must have seen me interacting over this picture, the look on my face as I held it in my hands, picturing myself in the painting stood on the side of that harbour. He must have spotted something on my face when I put it back down and walked away from it, because shortly after he arrived home he went to the car and pulled out a black bag (he asked them to gift wrap it – haha) and handed it to me, and out came this painting. It instantly meant something to me and it became worthy of my wall. What I didn’t realise beforehand and what the guy in the shop obviously missed was the word ‘Ballintoy’ in pencil in the corner on the back of it. Googling it led me to its location, I always found it was used in a scene of Game of Thrones which has the man crying out ‘I thought I recognised it’, and the painting then became something to him. I had one of my favourite blogging pals link me to her real-life visit of Ballintoy Harbour, we’ll visit it one day, but for now, I’ll wander along that harbour wall from the comfort of my sofa.


Every birthday has to be celebrated with cake, it’s a rule, well a rule in this house anyway and the man did not disappoint with his choice of cake for me this year! It was packed full of fresh strawberries and cream, and it was hugggee! Just look at the depth on the side of that beauty! There were no candles to be blown out as we couldn’t find the box that the matches had been packed in, but for me, this was a small relief as it meant we missed out on the saliva of a couple of kids insisting that they blow the candles out for me, oh what a shame 😉