Creating A Garden For The Kids

I know that we’re approaching Winter, but I’m already looking ahead to the New Year and what we’re going to do with the garden as the weather warms up. For us a garden is an essential part to our house, it’s somewhere we can play hide & seek with our siblings, a place where football gets competitive between father and son, and somewhere we can sit and relax as the man lights up the BBQ.

As the kids have got older their interest in the garden has changed, once upon a time, it was a place where they liked to dig holes as they helped me do the gardening. Now it’s more a place to hang out, and as we’ve recently moved to a new house and had the chance to start anew with our garden, we want to cater for their needs as well as ours.

We’ve gathered some tips on how we’re creating a garden for the kids which we thought we would share with you.

Bring the Park to Your House

Does the idea of standing in the park while your kid’s play fills you with dread? You’ll relate to me then when I tell you that I’m that parent stood there with several layers on, and that’s just on her head, it’s OK for the kids, they get to keep warm by running around! Well, why not bring some of that equipment home with you? You can stand in the warmth of your house, with a cuppa, looking out as the kids play on their own swing set.


Provide Shelter

Something as simple as a gazebo from garden-camping is a useful investment to make for your garden. Hosting a party for the kids and don’t want them making a mess of your house? Chuck them in the garden and have guaranteed shelter from the sun or the rain.


Light It Up

Now that the evenings are getting darker, why not provide some garden lighting so that the kids can stay outside for longer. It’s also a fantastic way of decorating your garden; we’ve used garden lights in the past to light up a pathway to the back of the garden.

Go Camping 

Set up a tent and turn your garden into a campsite for the evening, make and eat dinner around a fire followed by toasting marshmallows. Fall asleep telling each other stories, watch as the stars appear and as the night wildlife come out to play.