Ways To Save Money This Winter

Nearly everyone has experienced a broken boiler at least once in their lifetime, and as a result, we all know the horrors of cold showers and even colder feet! With a house full of little ones it’s vital to keep everyone warm and cosy, but with rising energy prices, keeping the thermostat on 30 isn’t practical. Read on for a few measures you can take to keep everyone snuggly without creeping into your overdraft.


Get a good deal

It might seem obvious, but a lot of people are not on the best tariff for their gas and electricity usage. Whether you want to pay separately or get a dual fuel package, there are loads of great comparison websites that can help you find the best deal. Just grab an old bill and using kWh (kilowatt hours) measurements or your outgoing figures, you can calculate the most suitable arrangement for you in minutes. Sometimes you can even earn cash back for the privilege of switching!


Maintain your central heating

No one ever thinks to check their boiler and central heating until it’s too late. Since a boiler is more likely to stop working during periods of heavy use, take steps to keep it in order. To ensure that you don’t get caught out this winter make sure you book a regular annual boiler service that will keep your high quality domestic central heating pumps in tip-top condition. Since these services cover call-out, labour and VAT costs, an annual service can reap dividends in the long term. Consider keeping some savings aside in case you get caught out by unexpected replacement boiler costs.


Draught proof your home

Even if you have double glazing, cold draughts can still stop little ones from a sounds night sleep. Block gaps in the flooring and skirting using a silicone sealant, place a transparent film over draughty windows and consider insulation as a step to keeping those bills a bit lower.

Snuggle up

Wearing extra layers can make all the difference to your body temperature, swapping short sleeve t-shirts for long sleeves and popping a jumper on top will keep you warmer than just wearing that one t-shirt. Invest in some decent woolly socks or even slipper socks to wear around the house. In the evenings, snuggle up under some throw blankets which are kept to hand in the living room. If you have hard work flooring, grab a rug that will help to insulate the floor.


Cut the cost of domestic bliss

It isn’t just turning down the thermostat that can save you precious pennies. Setting the washing machine to 30C, using a washing up bowl filled with the remains from a recently boiled kettle and taking showers rather than baths can all create savings that soon add up.

Switch off any appliances that are not in use, turn off anything on ‘standby’ and never leave the light on in an empty room. Even choosing low-energy light bulbs over regular ones can contribute to a reduction in your monthly bills!