How To Make Money Fast

Have you ever been in that situation where you needed money fast, but you just didn’t have it in the bank ready to spend? I’ve been in this very situation back when our third child, Charlotte was born, and we realised that our car just couldn’t fit the 5 of us in it. Our first couple of trips saw the eldest sat in the front while I was squashed in the back between a toddler car seat and a baby car seat. We just had to get a bigger car, but we couldn’t afford it, cue having to make some money fast and I thought I would share some of the ways that we made that money.


Sell, Sell & Sell

There are so many ways that you can make money these days by selling your unwanted items, long gone are the days where you just had eBay and car boot sales to flog your old belongings. There are so many websites where you can sell almost instantly without the stress of having to wrap it up to take it to the post office or price everything up to shove it in the car to go to a field at stupid o’clock in the morning. Pretty much everyone is on facebook these days, and they have a marketplace dedicated to selling items, just don’t be tempted to buy anything.

If you have unwanted mobile phones, cameras, iPods and anything similar there are machines where you can cash these in. I often find these in supermarkets next to the machine which allows you to chuck in all your saved coins to turn into notes, which is another way to make money fast. Don’t live near a supermaket? Then how about using a website like Music Magpie.


Borrowing money

 Not all of us have friends & family we can turn to borrow money so it may be a case of seeking out a loan just to tide you over until you’ve got the funds. Look for a well-established and reputable short-term loan leader like who care about their customers and want to ensure you have an easy journey and know all information about committing to a short-term loan.


One off jobs

There is always a need for one-off workers for lots of various positions and many of which don’t need any previous experience. From picking litter up at festivals to bar work at a local racecourse. I use to do a mixture of bar work and waitressing at my local racecourse at the weekends and in the evenings on top of my full-time job just to boost my earnings. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, as they often give you training on the job.