Gift Ideas For Girls

After two boys having a girl was an entirely new experience for us, as she’s got older, she’s having to go to birthday parties where we’re buying the presents, and of course when it comes to her birthday and Christmas, we find ourselves lost in the toy shop wondering what to buy her. Now that’s she 4, we’ve come to learn exactly what kind of gift ideas work best for girls, and we thought we would share them with you.


Dolls & playsets

What child isn’t crazy about dolls and playsets? I have fond memories as a young girl playing with all my Polly pockets & Barbie dolls, and these are memories that your child/the child you’re buying for will one day have as well. There are lots of options depending on the age of the girl you are buying for, for example, if she is of toddler age then have a look at the baby’s, the ones that come with baby bottles and potty’s, toddlers go crazy for a baby doll which they can care for.


Sadly kids don’t go through clothes at a snail pace but more the pace of Usain Bolt; parents will appreciate some more clothes to fill their kid’s wardrobe, I know I would. How about some girls party dresses which will be perfect for all their future parties.

Games & Puzzles

Want to keep a child quiet for an hour? Give them a jigsaw puzzle! Or if you know, the child you’re buying for isn’t much of a jigsaw person than how about a game? Family board games are a big hit in this household at the moment, though maybe throw in a pack of tissues as someone always ends up crying when they lose.

Anything Unicorn related

There is something magical about Unicorns, and they have become a popular craze amongst all girls both young and old. From Unicorn tape dispensers to Unicorn shaped mugs, there are so much gift options to choose from.

Outdoor & Garden toys

There has been so much beautiful weather lately that kids have been spending most of their time outside, this means finding ways to entertain them. I’ve come to learn that my daughter’s favourite outside activities are playing with water tables, bug hunting and riding her scoot around the garden.  You are guaranteed to find something with your budget in this category for sure.