Five Simple and Effective Ways Busy Moms Can Relieve Stress

When it comes to the busiest and most stressful job a person can have in their life, it’s hard to beat that of a mum. Mums are notorious for having to balance their work and home life like some sort of superhero. A typical day in the life of mum usually involves being pulled in 20 different directions at once, multi-tasking, and acting like the problem solver for all.

With that said, mums can be some of the most stressed people out there. It’s not easy looking after little humans while also holding down a job, looking after the house, and of course their own needs. Finding a way to relieve stress will not only make a mum’s life easier, but it’s necessary in order for them to be as healthy and strong as possible. Here’s a look at five simple and effective ways busy mums can relieve stress in their lives.

Book a Massage

If you are looking for quick and instant stress relief, a massage can do just that. A full body massage is able to target all those tight muscles and allows you to relax and let your problems float away. As heaven and earth massage explains, a massage gives people a chance to close their eyes, get lost in serene music and a relaxing massage giving them a much-needed break from stress and worries.

Wake Up First

Sure, sleeping in may sound glorious but let’s get real, as a mum it’s just not going to happen. So instead of waking up at the same time as the kids, try waking up 15-30 minutes before everyone else. You will be able to enjoy a peaceful house all to yourself without any interruptions. This can be a great way to start the day, giving you a chance to read emails, enjoy a quiet coffee, do a little meditation, or just read the newspaper in peace.

Engage in Regular Exercise

As far as the best stress relievers out there, exercise tops the list. Chances are you won’t have time to hit the gym on your own for an hour a day, so instead look for activities you can do as a family. This can include a daily walk, biking, hiking, swimming, or any other activity. If it can be done outdoors, that will help to energise you too. Aim for 30 continuous minutes of activity five days a week for the maximum benefits.

Making Your Health a Priority

As a mum, it’s perfectly normal to feel stressed and pulled in every which way, but it’s important to recognise that your health and your feelings matter, which means finding a way to deal with that stress.

Enjoy Adult Time

Sure it’s nice to have time alone, but it’s also great to have adult time, a chance to chat and catch up with adults without the kids around. This could be a date night with your partner, girls’ night out, or even a coffee break with a group of mums.

Look for Humour in the Day

Another way to help relieve stress in your day is to look for humour in situations. Find those moments to enjoy a laugh and really let yourself be free. After all, laughter is the best medicine.