5 Fun Date Night Ideas

Let’s be honest, having kids is tough on even the most rock-solid relationship. However much you love your partner, it’s all too easy to fall into familiar routines like crashing out in front of the TV instead of connecting on any real level. Sooner or later, the humdrum of the daily routine gets the better of us and romance goes out of the window – cue the dreaded relationship rut.


Regular date nights are essential for any relationship, but they become a particularly precious commodity when you have kids. Time alone as a couple can be scarce, which is why it’s important to make the best of those childless evenings while you can. Here are five date night ideas to help you and your partner reconnect.  




You might not feel like throwing shapes in your local nightclub, but how about learning ballroom dancing or swing dancing together? Dancing is good for the soul and learning the moves together will allow you to bond through a shared activity and get fit in the process. Plus, there’ll be plenty of laughs! You can sign up with hulahub.com to find dance classes in your local area.


Couple’s Yoga


The mental, physical and spiritual benefits of solo yoga are well recognised, so imagine what the ancient practice can do for couples. You don’t need to be a yoga expert to perform some basic poses to strengthen your relationship. Just remember not to push your bodies into doing anything that hurts, and don’t take yourselves too seriously; having a laugh together is all part of the fun. If you can’t get to a couple’s yoga class, you could always stay home and use a video tutorial to guide you.




New evidence suggests that food and love are linked in the brain and, if you’ve ever got cosy with your spouse over a takeaway on the sofa, you’ll know what the scientists are talking about. Food strengthens our bonds with those we love, and there are those who will argue that eating together is as important as sex in a relationship, so why not use this to your advantage? Take a cooking class together or get creative with new recipes at home.




Going to the cinema is undeniably romantic, but once we’ve done it a few times, it can feel like a bit of a safe option. Laughter is essential to intimacy, so consider going to your local comedy club or booking tickets for a stand-up gig. If you can’t get out of the house, watch a funny film together or find a stand-up show on TV that will get you both giggling.




Conversation all about the kids? Provide fodder for your date night chats and go and see a play, gallery opening or museum exhibition together. Even a lecture can be stimulating if it’s a topic you both find interesting. It doesn’t matter if it’s not something you’d normally do together – the whole point is to shake things up and broaden your date night horizons.