4 Good Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Throw Away Old Clothes

When you have a child, it can seem like you simply have to develop a disposable attitude when it comes to clothes. After all, they grow out of them so fast, and children are so fickle that a beloved jumper that they once couldn’t bear to leave the home without is suddenly anathema to them for no good reason whatsoever. As such, many parents find themselves with more clothes than they know what to do with. This can be infuriating when they also face a constant uphill struggle in which they must compromise between dressing their kids fashionably and maintaining the household budget. Between the seemingly endless piles of children’s clothes and the clothes that we ourselves either fall out of love with or grow (horizontally) out of, many of us resort to throwing our clothes in the bin. Out of sight, out of mind. Yet here are just four of the many reasons why this is a seriously bad idea.

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Discarded clothes are terrible for the environment


With each passing year it seems that we’re becoming more and more aware of the damage that we’re doing to our planet. Though most businesses, families and individuals are focusing their efforts on recycling more and cutting down on unnecessary waste, many of us are ignorant of the damage that our discarded clothes can do to the environment. When clothes decompose they produce methane, a harmful greenhouse gas while the dyes and other chemicals present in the fabric can contaminate the surrounding soil and / or water. This not only poisons the local fish and animals but the communities that rely on them for sustenance.


Besides, this is an inherently wasteful practice when compared to the alternatives…


They will likely make much appreciated hand-me-downs


Many couples keep their kids’ old clothes lovingly to one side should a baby brother or sister come along. Even if there’s nobody in your household who could benefit from your old clothes, there’s likely somebody in the family for whom they would be beneficial. If you have a sibling or friend with a little person on the way, they would likely be extremely grateful that you’re helping them to whittle down the inevitable cost of a new child on the way.


Even if you don’t know of anyone in your circle of friends and family who would appreciate your hand me downs there are numerous charitable causes who desperately need them.


You could be sitting on a gold mine


If you’re strapped for cash you may be pleasantly surprised by to learn how much you can make selling your family’s old clothes on eBay. Entire businesses have been built on the selling of old clothes and whether you sell through an online store or even set up your own, delivering your goods via Shiply.com there’s a lot of money to be made. You could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it.


Because upcycling is awesome!


When our clothes and shoes show signs of wear, few of us imagine that they could be made good as new with a little imagination but upcycling is an increasingly popular option that is keeping untold kilograms of clothes out of our landfills. Have a look at this site and see if you’re inspired to make some of your old clothes look and feel brand new again.