How to Keep Your Garden Fresh this Winter

The UK has one huge advantage over other northern countries in that it’s winters are relatively mild. If snow does make an appearance it likely only does so for a day or two at the most. Now, while we might not have a winter wonderland for the Christmas season, this mild weather does mean that we can be a lot more creative with our gardens. Knowing how to prep and design your garden so that it is fresh all year around is a great way to ensure you have something beautiful to look at in the mornings when you are having your cup of tea.

Use these tips to keep your garden fresh this winter:


  • Install a Water Feature

It is very rare that our winters will drop to below 0 consistently enough to freeze a pond over, which is exactly why you need to install one in your garden. These ponds can truly bring a garden to life, and with you can get yours installed and maintain it with ease. The more effort you put into the design of your pond, the more it can act as the feature of your garden. As a bonus, in the spring and summer you can plant beautiful water plants like water lilies.


  • Mix it Up

There are plants that will stay green throughout even the harshest of winters, and in the UK the number of species that will retain their health and their beauty is even greater. Mix these evergreen plants with flowers and seasonal plants so that you have greenery and beauty in your garden throughout the year.

Bonus: These thick, hardy plants that stay green throughout the year are also excellent at blocking wind. Plant them near your exterior walls for natural insulation that can keep your home warm and your utility bills lower every winter. They are also great choices to line your property with for extra privacy throughout the year.


  • Make Use of Outdoor Lighting

There are outdoor lighting options that will keep working in rain and shine, and they can truly make your garden magical. Install them so that you can have lovely evenings in your garden in the summer, and turn them on during the winter to bring some festive flair during the winter. Turning on these lights in the winter can also act as a deterrent to any people that are intending to burgle your property. Use these lights to highlight your favourite plants, your water feature, and to make it seem like your garden is a world away from your neighbours.


Your garden is crucial. Maintaining and cultivating it can give you peace, calm, and it can also make you prouder of your home. Make your garden a highlight of your property and you’ll not only increase the value of your home, you will increase how happy you are in your home. Making your garden fresh throughout the year will make it the perfect getaway in every season.