Go Wild at Crickley Hill

Go wild at Crickley Hill

I’ve discovered a nifty little feature on Facebook which has been helping us find days out in the local area. You know that events tab? Well, it can be used for more than just inviting friends to something and being invited to something. There’s the option of looking up what is happening in your local area that day or in the future, and this is how we found out about ‘Go Wild at Crickley Hill’ hosted by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust in the nearby town of Cheltenham.

Crickley Hill is one of those hills I use to visit back when I lived in Cheltenham, it’s a blissful place with fantastic views, and I cannot believe I’ve never thought to take my kids up there. There is a pay and display car park on site and a cafe at the top which is where we found the Go Wild event happening.

The kids first stop were the fossils, always the fossils for these little dinosaur lovers.  With the help of the Gloucester Geology Trust, they made some of their own fossils to take home with them.


kids always do like the grossest of things don’t they, ask them if they want to root around in owl sick to find some bones of the animals they’ve eaten and they jump at the chance.

After the kids had their fill of mice bones, they headed off into the woods on a bug hunt. There were plenty of creepy crawlies to be found under twigs and rocks which kept Charlotte & Oli amused. Dylan enjoyed just exploring the area, and we found sensory objects for him to discover and touch.



After we had finished our bug hunting, we found some history re-enactment guys who dressed up the children and explained to them what various tools did once upon a time in battles.

There was so much to and all they asked of us was a donation which I thought was reasonable considering how much they had going on to keep the kids entertained.

The welly wanging was enjoyed by all the children; we even got Dylan who struggled with the concept of throwing to wang a well a few times. We had no choice but to make him go without his comfort of his pushchair, it did cost us a pack of haribo though (think Hansel taking that slice of bread and leaving that trail of bread crumbs for them to follow home!)  it was such a good afternoon and we’re looking forward to seeing what the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has in store at the ‘Evesham Goes Wild’ event.