The Babysitter Guide


I’m pretty sure my children make our babysitters broody as we’ve just waved goodbye to our second babysitter as she now has her own child to look after. That’s two babysitters who have gone on to raise their own families and understandably with a newborn they have had to say goodbye to being our babysitters. Thanks to sitters, the best place to find a babysitter we do not have to say goodbye to our childless date nights.

Over seven years babysitters have been one of the most valuable parenting tools we could have in our family life. It allows us to have a break from parenting and do things that only us adults can do. I thought I would put together some useful tips if you’re booking a babysitter for the very first time.

Important Information

Do the children have any allergies or medical conditions that are vital for the babysitter to know? Important for them to know and it may be one of the first questions a paramedic may ask if they had to attend for any reason. One of the very first discussions we have with our babysitters is about Dylan and the fact he has Autism.

Does your child have a comforter that they cannot sleep without? If you child wakes up crying, then it’s always nice for the babysitter to know what may be the cause and how he/she can help get the child back to sleep happily. Especially if it has some weird name so if the child cries out for it, the babysitter knows exactly what they are looking for.

Tell them or leave a list of how things work; this is where our handy prewritten list for housesitters come in handy. We have everything listed including the remote and how to operate the oven, we’ve put it into a handy file along with the manuals. If you’re leaving a baby at home then make sure they understand how the baby monitor operates along with any soothing device baby may have to help them to sleep.

If your child has a schedule leave the babysitter with bottle and meal instructions, nap times, where the nappies are kept and anything else which is in the child’s daily/nightly routine.

Contact details

Always leave your contact information even if you’re just popped down the road, make sure they have your current phone number and if possible the contact information of where you are going that. If you are going out with someone else be it a friend or partner leave their contact details as well in case the babysitter can not get hold of you.

Discuss what they should do in an emergency, basically tell them what you would do in an emergency situation. Leave a spare key with the babysitter in case for any reason they need to leave the house.

What the babysitter can have

We often say to the babysitter to help themselves when it comes to food and drink, but obviously, this does not work for everyone. Let them know if there’s anything specific they can and cannot have.

If the children are in bed then why not share the WIFI password with them so they can use it on their devices. I know personally that I have a whole list of programmes to catch up on.

How to entertain the child/children

If the kids are awake when the babysitter arrives then point them in the direction of what kind of toys and activities will keep the children entertained. You could even put together a basket of toys for them. If the babysitter is feeling rather creative than you could always suggest face painting which is alway a hit with older kids.


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