Travelling With Your Dog- the Dos and Don’ts

Perhaps a few years ago the thought of taking your dog with you on a holiday abroad seemed at best expensive and difficult, and at worst impossible or cruel! However, this is no longer the case. Of course, there are positive and negative aspects to making this decision, just as there were when making the decision to get a dog in the first place. Thankfully, there are now ways to make travelling abroad with pets much easier and certainly something to consider.


Indeed, there are specialist companies offering help with every aspect to be considered when you ship dogs by plane, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that your furry friend will be safe, happy, and there to meet you when you arrive at your destination to enjoy the holiday along with you all!

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Talk To Your VetSome breeds are not well suited to air travel, simply because of their physical attributes and potential breathing difficulties. This makes it impossible to ship dogs by plane in some cases, as there are particular breeds banned from most airlines- plus do you really want to risk the health of your beloved animal? Perhaps your vet can also offer tips on keeping a pet calm and relaxed.


Check Airports– It’s important to make sure that your airport is animal friendly. This includes whether or not they have pet relief stations out of courtesy for your furry friend.


Prepare– Your dog will be out of its comfort zone to some extent during its journey. It is important to make sure that your pet is comfortable in its travel carrier. You can even leave a piece of your clothing in its container not only to make it cosier, but also to allow them to stay near your scent.


Microchip– Make sure that your pet has a microchip. It is a very minimal procedure that has the potential to save your best friend.  It is a reliable method of making sure that you will be reunited with your pet if they were to go missing. Some countries even require it for your pup to enter.

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Forget the Requirements– Don’t forget to check the necessary travel requirements for pets on the airlines, and the country you plan to visit (and return to). Using a pet transport company can come in handy here, as they will provide you with information on all things you have to consider.


Take Your Bulldog– Bulldogs and Pugs fall into the category of pets that should not travel via air. Their nasal passages are too restricted for the journey to be safe.


Let Your Dog Out– It is an airline rule to not let your dog out of its crate during the flight. This is important for both the comfort of others, and your dog. You wouldn’t want a lost or hurt animal on your hands when you are supposed to be on vacation.


Forget Water– When you fly, it is necessary that you drink water often. This is also true for your pet.  Offer your dog ice cubes through the grate in their crate for optimal hydration.