The One With The Two Birthday’s

It’s that time of the year where it’s Birthday galore in this household! Charlotte turned three while we were in New York which seems like just yesterday, then we have April which one day has Oli turning 8, and then the next day the Man turns a slightly bigger number.

For Oli’s birthday, we headed to Weston-Super-Mare as he so much fun at the arcade the previous weekend on our South Wales getaway. My best friend joined us for the day, well we weren’t going to turn down another pair of hands. Plus she’s Italian and new to everything British so we had to introduce her to Weston-Super-Mud and it didn’t disappoint. The sludge was out in force!




By the time Oli had finished browsing all the game stores buying  3DS games for his birthday present, we were STARVING. We’ve eaten at the Boardwalk Cafe before so knew what kind of food to expect along with the bonus of kids eating free with a paying adult, so we headed there for some lunch. Boo to the kid’s meals being smaller than last time, typical inflation but the cod was delicious and was a fairly decent size so worth the £7 something we paid for it.


The arcade was a hit as we thought with the kids. Even Dylan got out of his pram to have a go at the whack-a-shark. My friend thought it would be hilarious to drag me on the ghost train with her, cue screams from me and several English cursing words for her to learn. The kids enjoyed turning pounds into pennies for the 2p machine and must have spent a good £20 to which they exchanged for a cheap Rubik’s wannabe, two bouncy balls & 3 lollipops. *Reminds self it’s all about the fun through gritted teeth*






We headed down to the sand when we left the pier wondering who we could complain to about the fact the sun had been replaced with some epic wind. This made birthday candles on the cake impossible, so we had happy birthday with some pretend blowing going on.



I feel like I should use my personal space right here to remind myself that not long after fish & chips and cake that heading straight into Greggs to demolish a sausage roll was not a good idea. Even worse is as you’re taking that last bite admiring the fact there’s a Burger King which you’ve not visited in a while so should instantly grab a burger and chips. Heart attack immediate. (Squats for you missy when the kids go back to school!)

Because you know I hadn’t had enough food, the next day for the Man’s birthday we visited TGI Friday’s. That sesame chicken starter. o..m.g.. food heaven! Definitely going for the full version next time I visit. Next time being when I’m not so annoyed at their little hidden T&Cs for everything. So the birthday boy gets to bring five friends for dessert, but this is only for the adult meals (sorry kids), and because I got a special where I grabbed the starter & main together, that also meant no dessert for me. All of those terms being those hidden in small print. Gah.  Still bought dessert though! Good main meal and The Happy Birthday song, cake and candle made up for this in a way. Watching the man turn red, hilarious.

We spent the afternoon at the park working off our food and as surprise in the evening, I had some babysitters turn up so I could whisk the Man off to the pub for a few hours.

Job done, two happy boys having had two Happy Birthdays.