Airport Parking With Purple Parking

The Man was buzzing so much about our Purple Parking experience that he begged me to write this review himself. I’m not going to complain, but I will make a side note of agreeing with everything he says and more. Now that we have experienced meet & greet parking with them, I wouldn’t go elsewhere.

Flights booked, hotel booked and now to round off the edges. The joys of holiday planning hey! After the big two are crossed off the list, it’s onto the other niggly little things that seem so insignificant but yet so important. You know, where is the dog going? Have we got travel insurance with the right visas? And where is the car going to once we get to the airport and what option shall we choose when it comes to our airport parking.

The last time we travelled and looked for airport parking we toiled through many different companies and tried to weigh up pros and cons from the prices to how far from the terminal are we. We picked one car park where we parked up and then had to wait for a bus where we then had to negotiate three kids on to it as well as a never-ending pile of luggage including car seats. Thankfully this time we were given the opportunity to work with Purple Parking and try out the Meet and Greet parking option.

Our experience with them started with receiving the essential details through email, with clear instructions we then knew where to park once at Heathrow and what postcode to put into the SatNav. We followed these exact instructions which included going through the barriers with it’s number plate recognition which made for easy entry and exit on the day we returned.

We came into the Purple Parking Meet and Greet zone for Terminal 5 where we were flying from and followed the instructions that told us to leave our car in the designated letter area. We parked up, grabbed a trolley, unloaded the luggage and the kids and headed to a desk where we swapped details with a man at the desk.  A cheerful hello and goodbye later and we were officially off to enjoy our holiday. It was such a simple process and was over in no time at all. There was no waiting for a bus, no struggle with trying to load up a bus to only unload it again while keeping three kids safe from oncoming traffic, we just handed over our keys and headed towards the baggage drop off area.

Our return trip was just as smooth and stress-free. When you’ve been stuck on a plane for 3 hours, and if you’re someone like the wife who cannot sleep on a plane then all you want to do is get home to rest. You don’t need the hassle of having to wait for a bus or trying your car amongst thousands of other cars. We found the sign for the meet & greet car park after exiting Heathrow with our luggage, one lift ride later and we facing the desk where we were to collect our key.


Even before we got to the desk they already knew what car we were coming to collect (they have all our details about when our planes lands to know what time to expect us), we exchanged details, and our car was just a few seconds ahead of us in the carpark.


The whole process was just so quick that it was over before it even began, we were left enjoy our holiday and the everlasting memories that we brought home with us. The clear and helpful instructions coupled with the friendly staff got our holiday off to a perfect start. We couldn’t imagine going back to using the shuttle bus service now after realising how easy it was just to park up, hand our keys over and officially start our holiday.

This way of parking was a truly fantastic service, and this family highly recommends it! It’s the perfect airport parking solution for families who just want to enjoy their holiday without any added stress. Thank you, Purple Parking we look forward to using you guys on our next getaway!